Sing Me To Sleep Mr. Hemmings

Danielle was your type of bad girl Mr. Hemmings was her teacher, she went to a club and got insanely drunk when Mr. Hemmings came to her rescue and took her home with him and she whispered only having a minor buzz now.. "Sing me to sleep please Mr. Hemmings.."


4. What Makes The Other Boy Jealous Makes The One You Slept With Special

(Song Of The Chapter - My Boo by Usher)

By 9:00AM we were both up and despite being naked we were making out and boy was it getting heated his lip ring cold and pressing into my lip made me feel special the feeling of the cold metal made me whimper in need and want of him and I knew he was being a tease. "Stop being a tease"I whined causing him to unbutton his jeans and pull them off I noticed a "tent" in his boxers and leaned over softly kissing it him letting out a grunt and pulling off his boxers. I had rolled onto my stomach and started playing with him causing him to turn me around and stop my teasing like the night before and without warning I felt it.. I felt his member smash into me without warning he was anything but a small package I was leaving claw marks down his back and he let out a gasp.


Two hours later I was walking around when Professor Clifford had pinned me against the school. Before I knew it he was touching everything I felt so violated and then it happened Luke saw everything... he grabbed me from Michael and planted kisses all over me then looking at Michael I had rested my head on his shoulder. He took me somewhere I had no clue. Because he covered my eyes I was kinda nervous. When he uncovered them we were in the concert area in the college he sat me in a chair and picked up his guitar and played singing the song The Only Reason my eyes filling with tears when he had finished and put his guitar down I hugged him tight a smile was on her face and that's when he said it.. "Live with me in the dorm with Ash Calum and Michael." I blushed. "Okay." I had agreed.

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