Sing Me To Sleep Mr. Hemmings

Danielle was your type of bad girl Mr. Hemmings was her teacher, she went to a club and got insanely drunk when Mr. Hemmings came to her rescue and took her home with him and she whispered only having a minor buzz now.. "Sing me to sleep please Mr. Hemmings.."


1. The Beat Of My Own Drum

(Song Of The Chapter - Fake Your Death by My Chemical Romance) 

I was heading to my favorite class with Professor Hemmings but I always called him Mr. Hemmings and boy was he a hottie I know what your thinking who's this girl talking? Well I'm Danielle I'm learning music to make my Band better. I walked in and I saw Mr. Hemmings upset and teary eyed I ran over and without one word he grabbed me into a hug. "Danielle why don't women like me?" He asked I was baffled his wife left an amazing body, intelligent, and someone who could sing her to sleep every night don't get me wrong I loved my boyfriend Ronnie Radke but he was a little intense I'm scared of him too. "Mr. Hemmings I like you but I'm just your student.." I looked into his blue orbs they made me weak and they were gorgeous. He had pulled my face close to his. "You know I have no students today..." He let out husky whisper and I bit my lip.I wanted to do every naughty thing in the worldright then.. Maybe one day I would... 





I sat at home with Ronnie I was leaning into his arms watching tv I hadn't really noticed he was kissing my neck and grunted my mind was else where.... On a person... Lucas Robert Hemmings the hottest teacher I had ever met... Well substitute I had met when Ronnie stopped all he said looking at me was. "Bedroom now." He went there I shook my head and ran to where the professors were. "Professor Hemmings! Please! I need to see you!" It escaped my lips as a plea of help and Ronnie was running over. "RAPE!" I screamed and covered myself with my arms on the ground Ronnie panting and looking down at me. I saw Professor Clifford and he started yelling. "TO YOUR DORM RONNIE LEAVE THE POOR GIRL ALONE!" Professor Clifford had picked me up holding me like a bride. "Stay here with us your protected here. Luke this poor girl was screaming for you." He sat me down and I ran to Luke as he wrapped his arms around me. "Are you okay what's wrong?" He asked caressing my cheek. "Luke h-he was gonna rape me I was scared and I have all of you for teachers so I ran here and I was screaming for you." He held me he nodded and kissed my head.


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