Sing Me To Sleep Mr. Hemmings

Danielle was your type of bad girl Mr. Hemmings was her teacher, she went to a club and got insanely drunk when Mr. Hemmings came to her rescue and took her home with him and she whispered only having a minor buzz now.. "Sing me to sleep please Mr. Hemmings.."


2. My Yet Even More Unlucky Day

(Song Of The Chapter - Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen and Panic At The Disco)

There I lay with my professor we were watching Mean Girls I looked at my phone and rolled over to face him. "Goodnight.." I whispered closing my eyes and slowly falling asleep I could tell Luke was tired because he slid into his side and slept we were covered up in a blanket in that moment I had nothing to be afraid of it was alright then until... The head professor walked in and yelled. "MR. HEMMINGS YOUR FIRED!" I had shot up. "Professor Christian it was my fault I'm so so sorry I'll pack my things and leave.. Please let Professor Hemmings stay he's a great teacher." I pleaded. "Very well. Now let's go." He slapped my arse and I glared at him then walking out I saw Luke hug Professor Clifford and I knew exactly why he had hugged him. I looked at the ground in my dorm I was packing up when I heard Ronnie walk in. I zipped my stuff up and pushed him out the way walking out and past everyone who was outside they were staring at me I turned and yelled as loud I could raising my middle fingers. "FUCK YOU PROFESSOR CHRISTIAN!" 


I had not been on campus for three months now Professor Hemmings had called my phone everyday I never answered I was busy telling my parents why I wasn't in College anymore and when I told them why all they said was 'DANIELLE MARIE!' I felt ashamed yet he made me feel amazing that night I couldn't help but feel like the woman I was supposed to be. I was making breakfast for myself when on the tv I heard.. 'Ronnie Radke arrested for rape to a year one female the name of Clara Greene.' That was my sister.. I put on my clothes and grabbed my car keys I drove as fast I could and arrived. "CLARA!" I screamed running towards her and covered my mouth. "H-he killed my little sister..." I fell to my knees crying it was all my fault I left and I was the only one who could protect her.. I felt so dead looking at her like that and I did the unthinkable I looked at Ronnies brother and reached in my pocket. "BURN IN HELL LITTLE RADKE!" I threw the ring at him and grabbed my little sister running I ran past Professors Hemings, Hood,Clifford, and Irwin they ran after me but I kept going in hopes the campus nurses could do something. But the chances she'd be able to be saved were slim.


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