Sing Me To Sleep Mr. Hemmings

Danielle was your type of bad girl Mr. Hemmings was her teacher, she went to a club and got insanely drunk when Mr. Hemmings came to her rescue and took her home with him and she whispered only having a minor buzz now.. "Sing me to sleep please Mr. Hemmings.."


3. Bad Teacher ;)

(Song Of The Chapter - Ride by SoMo)

I looked up at him as he smirked to me. "Bad teacher, huh?"I asked, smiling.  Well...I must say Danielle That i was quite Attracted to you"  mHe said.  Yeah, As a student..."I mumbled, looking down. He lifted my chin up and went to my ear. "Sexually"He whispered.

I shivered.He started kissing my neck, Making me moan. "Oh Mr.Hemmings!" I moaned loud. I felt his cold lip ring on my skin him smirking again.


I woke up to the sound of a loud bang.I jumped back, Causing my whole body to ache.I soon realized that i was Naked.I looked around and saw Papers stacked, Pencils scattered on the desk, and glasses.One thing that really stood out was the boxing gloves in the closet.The door swung open.It was Mr.Hemmings.He was all sweaty and was in sweatpants, shirtless. "Are you Okay?"He asked."W-What do Y-You mean?"I stuttered. "Do you hurt any where or Sore?" "I-I-I'm fine I-I gotta go"I said. I got up but immediately fell to the floor. He picked me up and placed me on the bed. "Stay here, You're safe"He said, Placing the blanket over us. "W-What was the C-Crash I heard?" "Clifford came over, Well snuck into the window and...Saw you then got mad And broke my lamp" "Oh..."I said. We cuddled up and i soon fell back asleep.

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