The Boy Who Loved

*Complete* He's famous for having a heart of stone. Yet behind closed doors, and many years back, he had a heart and traded it for power. But just because he gave up, doesn't mean she did.


9. Past

"Tom! Stop this is ridiculous!" He dragged me along after him with a firm grip on my arm that ached. Everything around me was dark and eerie. There was no telling where we were and no hope of grabbing my wand without him noticing. 

"I trusted you. I thought you loved me but it was all a lie. You've always been lying to me. I should have taken a lesson from my parents, there's no such thing as true love." 

"Tom, what are you talking about?" He stopped and forced me to face him. I avoided looking into his eyes without thinking and his hand shot up. He firmly took hold of my jaw and jerked my head to face him properly. 

"My name, isn't Tom. Never speak that name again. He was weak. Now I'm strong." 

"Tom, talk to me, please." 

"Enough!" His hand left my arm and yanked my hair. I yelled in surprise and he glared. Neither of us spoke has he painfully held me there. Soon my head began to hurt. A whimper formed in my throat and his eyes narrowed.

"Whatever." He released me and took a step back.

"I'm glad I never loved you back. You can go back to your dreary life for all I care. I.." He looked away, his eyebrows drawing together. He seemed confused, his mind was someplace far off.

"Tom?" He came back to reality and his angry eyes shot up at me. He backed away from me as he spoke.

"You've never been a true Slytherin Katie. With your muggle parents, and siblings. I should never have talked to you back at the begging of our fifth year. I regret every minute I ever spent on you."

"No!" I ran towards him, grabbing first folds of his robe.

"I love you! You know I always have. You may have changed but who you are won't change how I feel. Don't leave me here Tom." He looked at the ground, not at me when he answered.

"You can't accept what I must do." He lowered his voice as if the trees could hear us and smiled darkly when he finished his thought.

"Or what I have done." I wrapped my arms around him and rested my head on his shoulder. He remained stiff but that didn't matter to me.

"Maybe not. But where you go, I'll go. I've made up my mind. You can't face this alone."  He drew back and looked into my face with concern.

"Are you sure you want to do this? I don't know if you can." I shook my head.

"I'm not going another 6 years without you. I'm ready to face who you've become if it means we can be together." A new light filled him and he put his arm gently around my waist.

"I knew you would." He placed the little black book in my hands, and this time when we disapparated, I went willingly. 

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