The Boy Who Loved

*Complete* He's famous for having a heart of stone. Yet behind closed doors, and many years back, he had a heart and traded it for power. But just because he gave up, doesn't mean she did.


6. Diary

"Tom, please." 

"I'm not hungry." 

"You're thin and pale, you look awful." 

"I'm fine." We sat at breakfast and he refused to touch his food. He was looking worse every day. 

"Are you upset with me?" I asked, afraid of the answer. He half smiled and kissed me quickly.

"I could never be angry with an angel. Come on, I want to give you a present." We returned to the Slytherin common room which was now empty. Tom pulled a small wrapped present from his robes and handed it to me.

"Now I feel bad, I didn't get you anything." Tom waved a hand and put his arm around me.

"Don't worry, you can spend the rest of the day with me as a present." I smiled, eager to start and opened his gift. I recognized the little black book as the one he'd had a few months ago. His name was written in the right-hand corner. I smiled at him.

"Thank you Tom." He placed his hand on top of mine.

"Now a piece of me will always be with you, even if we're parted for an entire summer, you can always have this as a way to keep me close." I pulled him into a hug. Somehow a parting hug felt more meaningful than a kiss. 

We shared a compartment alone on the train, where we spent the day laughing, eating sweets, and enjoying our last day in each other's arms. I would have to go an entire summer without him. When the time came to leave, I held his present close. Not knowing at the time exactly what it was he had given me. 

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