The Boy Who Loved

*Complete* He's famous for having a heart of stone. Yet behind closed doors, and many years back, he had a heart and traded it for power. But just because he gave up, doesn't mean she did.


8. Changed

It had been six years since I'd last seen Tom Riddle. No one knew what had happened to him. I thought I would never see him again, but those thoughts proved to be wrong, when one night, my doorbell rang. When I opened the door, Tom stood smiling in front of me. Without a warning, he was here. I was shocked and couldn't speak. Tom walked into the house and shut the door.

"Here's a face I've missed seeing." Tom grabbed my waist as he used to do and kissed me urgently. I stuggled for a minute and then finally pushed him off me.

"What are you doing?" Tom frowned in confusion.

"Are you married?" He asked, to which I shook my head.

"No, but you can't just kiss me." 

"Why not?" 

"Because I haven't seen or heard from you in six years, seven if you count our sixth year when you hardly spoke to me." I backed away from him. He looked the same, only a little older. But there was something dark and frightening in his eyes.

"I'm sorry Katie. I lot has changed these past few years." He wandered over to my bookshelf as he spoke. I slowly sat down, watching his every move and petrified by his presence. 

"What do you mean Tom?" He laughed in a whisper,

"Things like that. I don't go by 'Tom' anymore Kate." He pulled the diary from the self and ran his hand along the cover.

"There is magic in this world that has yet to be discovered, power you can only dream of." He walked towards me and knelt at my feet. He had put the diary in one of of robe pockets. 

"I've seen it Katie, it's changed me." I leaned back in my chair away from him.

"Oh Katie," He extended a hand and touched my cheek. His skin was cold as ice. My heart beat quickened.

"I have a new name now, one that wizards and witches will be afraid to speak. I will be powerful and feared, known and remembered for generations. I will live forever!"

"What are you talking about Tom?"  I was trembling all over and the darkness in his eyes seemed to fill the room.

"No, not Tom, Kate. Not anymore. From today and forever, the world will know me as Lord Voldemort." 

"Voldemort?" I whispered the name, unable to look away from the fire in his eyes. 

"What happened to you Tom?" I asked more urgently. His face clouded and he put his hands in mine, pulling me from my chair. We stood, inches apart with our hands together. 

"You're afraid of me." I didn't answer.

"Don't fear the power Kate, embrace it. Join me. We'll be together." he leaned forward to kiss me and I backed away, terrified. At that moment he realized he had lost me. He had become someone I didn't know, I was afraid of him. He strode toward me and fiercly took hold of my arm.

"You're coming with me Kate. I'm not leaving you." 

"Tom, Tom please," He forced me away from the wall and dragged me towards the door. 

"You promised you loved me, you looked after the diary. A part of my soul."

"What are you talking about?" I asked as we reached the front door. He stopped and turned to face me. 

"You never loved me. You're afriad of me." He pulled out his wand, and before I could protest, we disaperated. 

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