Crystal Clear

After years of no contact, old childhood friends, barmaid Crystal Charms and teen pop sensation Aidan Reach, are finally reunited. But with Crystal still hurt after the events Aidan caused three years ago, can she move on and work with the star to save their town from a crisis caused by a mysterious source? Or will everything fall apart as two completely different worlds collide...


2. Chapter Two

The cheek of him!

The cheek of her!

Hiding this from me!

And for all this time too!

I’ve spent years trying to get over what he and his arrogant and obnoxious family did! Years! While he was off, drinking and partying his nights away in all the hotspots and got his name all over the stupidly oversized billboards, I was stuck here cleaning the stupid toilets in my stupid brother’s pub!

Tap! Tap! Tap!

“Go away, I’m not the mood!” It’s been two hours since I flipped out on my sister. Two hours of tears. Two hours of anger. Two hours of pain. And two hours of-


Not that irritating noise!

I stomp over to the latch on the rotting door, throwing the hook out of my way. Kicking away a couple of crumbling boxes, I tug on the handle. “I’ve already told you, I’m not in the fricking-” I can’t help but freeze when I see who has decided to show up on my secret hide-out’s doorstep. Shale Bramwell; my brother.

Ever since the thunderstorm rolled into town over a decade ago, Shale and Veronica have been taking it in turns to be my sole guardian. Having gone crazy, our mother had run off into the depths of the night to stop our uncle from confronting, who he thought, was the culprit of the thunderstorm.

Due to neither of them coming back, Veronica and I had no other relatives to take us in. Already strapped for cash as he had begun running his new trading business, Shale was forced to invest what little money he had in giving the three of us a safe place to live.

Although the three of us had inherited the large family home, Shale didn’t have the heart to sell it. Instead, the three of us put aside a savings pot so that, one day, we can restore it in hope that future generations can enjoy and cherish the land we once grew up on.

Through the working and the saving, Shale had partnered up with a couple of other businesses to assist his investment and profit for the pubs he ran. Somehow, he’s managed to go from the distant brother with only two customers to a prospering guardian with five bars and pubs up and down Odeal Island.

“Not in the fricking what?!” Shale huffs, shifting his weight uncomfortably as he struggles to keep his hold of the heavy crates he’s carrying. “Let me in so I can put these bloody things down! They’re not feathers, you know!” I mumble my apology and step aside. Watching him stumble over the doorstep and dump the bundles of alcohol on a crooked end table as I do so. “I’ve spent over a 100 Fangs on these bloody things! All because Mr Crow has decided it’s inspection week the one time we have that music contest in town! Worse still, Veronica is complaining that you don’t want the tickets she bought you!” So she’s gone running to him! Again! “Now what tickets were they and why didn’t you want them?!”

“Aidan Reach Concert Tickets!” I slam the door shut and put the latch back over. “You remember what he did to us! What his family did to you!”

“You mean she bought tickets for that prick’s concert?!” Although his voice was already raised, Shale’s tone became frustrated as he began sorting through the Dragon Bane he smuggled in from the docks. “Don’t tell me she doesn’t remember what happened?!” I’m about to respond when he cuts me off. “Wait, don’t tell me, she’s still fantasizing over the fact she wants to marry him even though she hated his very guts when him and his so called family were still in town!”

“And yet another point to team Shale!” I ironically pump a clenched fist into the air. Moving aside bottles he has already falsely labelled. “I’m surprised she doesn’t remember Aidan ever living across Blight. The amount of times she whined about his maturity levels whenever we tried to prank her!”

“Huh, this is our sister we’re talking about.” Shale snorts. Continuing his mission of replacing the labels on the Dragon Bane. “She’s got the memory of a goldfish, dresses our nephew in fluffy skirts and pink dresses, loses potential customers whenever she comes into the bar and she’s not even taking note of the fact Charles spends months out of town while we look after his moody little brats! And if those boys trash the pub toilets again, I’ll make Charles clean my pub with a fricking toothbrush!”

“If he’s not too busy chatting up other women, of course.” I breathe a sigh of relief. I’m glad he’s not dragging on the subject of Aidan Reach. Especially as I have to put up with him coming to town later.

“Right, that’s it!” Shale slams his fists down onto the table. “I’ve run out of labels! The rest can go underground! You,” He jabs a finger in my direction before he picks up the last of the illegal substance. “go and get into your uniform and help Bill set up the sound system for the auditions!”

“What?!” Why me?! “But he’s bound to break something!”

“Exactly!” My brother makes his way towards a door leading down to the cellar. “You need to make sure he knows what he’s doing! Now chop, chop! We haven’t got all day!”

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