Crystal Clear

After years of no contact, old childhood friends, barmaid Crystal Charms and teen pop sensation Aidan Reach, are finally reunited. But with Crystal still hurt after the events Aidan caused three years ago, can she move on and work with the star to save their town from a crisis caused by a mysterious source? Or will everything fall apart as two completely different worlds collide...


1. Chapter One

“Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh! Crystal!” As the silence of an unusually quiet afternoon is broken, my sister, Veronica, barges her way into the bar. Squealing as she shakes her arms with nothing but excitement. “Crystal he’s coming! He’s coming! He’s really, really coming!”

Now this, this is particularly unusual situation for my pretentious, pompously dolled up, bleached-blonde-haired stylist of a big sister! Not the running around and screaming for no reason part, no; that seems to happen daily. However, rushing into our brother’s bar dressed in a leopard print onesie and bunny slipper boots while screaming is a first.  Especially for her.

You see, for a 22-year-old mother of 4, Veronica doesn’t seem to know how to tone things down. Especially when it comes to her obsession with all things pink, sparkly, gold, cool and belonging to her! Both my brother and I have received complaints of many kinds from both one-off and regular punters who come through our pub doors. Probably because she acts like an over-emotional, self-absorbed Barbie doll…

“Who’s coming?” Although I sound like I’m anticipating her answer, my response is forced. I was hoping that Veronica would have an appointment booked in her beauty salon, or that she’d be on one of her passionate shopping sprees up in the city so that I’d get some peace and quiet before the competition rolls into town tonight. We always make a lot of business when they come here.

“Oh, none other than Aidan Reach!” What? No. No, this can’t be right! That obnoxious, stuck up idiot thinks he can come back after what he did to us?! After all this time?!

“Why are you so excited about that?!Why did she have to become his biggest fan?! “Don’t you remember what happened?! What he did to us?! What he did to you?!”

“Well, no, but…” She tries to interject.

“No, don’t go there!” I chuck the cleaning rag back into the bucket of bleached water next to me. Jabbing a pointed finger in her direction. “You knew what happened from the second he stepped on that train so don’t try to ‘no’ me! You idolize him and everything he does and yet still, still try to pretend like he did nothing to us and protect him! After everything that happened!”

“Crystal, I just wanted to know if you wanted the spare ticket to see him!” Veronica whines, holding it up while she tries to follow me into the back of the pub.

“I don’t want the stupid ticket!” I freeze in my tracks, grab the flimsy piece of paper and tear it up into four. Throwing it straight back into her face before storming full speed ahead towards the back doors. “I want you to leave me alone!”

“Hey, I spent a lot of money buying that for you!” I can hear her own voice rising with hysteria as she tries to keep up with me.

“Yeah, try telling Charles that!” I rip my coat off of the hook. My hand on the doorknob. “Oh, and while you’re at it, tell Shale, our brother¸ why I’m not going to be home for my birthday lunch!”

And the door slams shut.

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