Wizarding College - Learning advanced magic

Trinita College of Wizardry and Witchcraft is a renowned University in the wizarding world. Alongsidpe Harry, Ginny, Hermione, Ron, Draco and few other Hogwarts students, a Beauxbatons girl by the name of Scarlett visits the mysterious school. Is there bad blood after the happenings of the Battle of Hogwarts? Let me introduce you into a world full of magic, mystery, romance and drama. If you want to add a character, please fill out the form in the comments and I will sort you into one of the Trinita houses.


2. The Sorting

The Sorting


The entrance hall was barely lit at all and Scarlett concentrated hard to make out what she couldn't see hiding in the shadows. However the man who had picked her up pushed her through the doorway on her right and she stumbled into a great library. She instantly loved the tall room with the high bookshelves, filled to the brim with old books. How she would have loved to snuggle up on one of the comfy looking armchairs in front of the silently cackling fire. The wall to her right was defined by the ceiling high arched windows, offering a great sight of the garden she had just passed on her way to the entrance door. Hundreds of different varieties of plants grew neatly next to each other, small white pecks hinting at name signs for every plant. The owner of the manor must either be a great Alchemist himself or have close contact to some. That they could be ordinary muggle plants was nearly impossible, regarding the bright colours of some. 
"I see you have a liking for botanics," a deep voice made her jump. "They are being taken care of by James, the man who picked you up."
Scarlett whirled around and realized that she was on her own with the strange new man, James had obviously left her by herself. 
"And who are you?" she asked, trying to sound more annoyed than defiant. 
"Excuse me, how impolite of me," he excuses himself. "Antonin Dolohov is the name. Now if you would do me the honor of traveling through my fireplace."
He gestured towards the fireplace and walked towards it, she followed silently. She had always wished for the permission to travel by floo powder but she became nervous now. After all she was supposed to step into fire, real fire in which she could burn to death. Antonin returned with a small tin taking her by surprise as she hadn't even realized he had left. 
"If you would grab your trunk and some floo powder," he asked her and so she did. "Now please step into the fireplace."
"Just a question beforehand," she hesitated. "Why couldn't I have just travelled with one of our fireplaces back home."
Antonin chuckled but looked at her sternly as he began speaking. 
"Traveling by floo powder is hard to manage nowadays with all the existing destinations," he explained. "No need for somebody who travels like this for the first time to leave the country of origin. As a beginner it was simply too dangerous for Mme Bellure to send you so she asked me to assist you."
She smiled weakly even more nervous now. All these people have gone through such troubles just because she couldn't do it on her own. 
"Have a safe trip." Antonin remarked and reached for her hand as she  said 'Trinita College'. 
The power sucking her away ripped her hand out of his and pushed up his robe sleeve, unveiling a long scar on his underarm. 

"Welcome at Trinita College," a small elderly man welcomed Scarlett as she stepped out of the fireplace. 
He wore green shimmering robes and introduced himself as Professor Wisden the head of Cognite house, his eyes sparkling behind his spectacles. 
"If you would please leave through the door straight ahead," Professor Wisden said, turned around and pointed at the doorway. "Follow the corridor to the left and wait in the room at the very end."
She nodded nervously and left the room, glancing back as she heard the cackling of the fireplace, announcing the arrival of a classmate. Unfortunately nobody emerged before she turned the corner and she strode away not wanting people to see her snoop around. Few students had already gathered in the room she was told to wait in. One of them catching her eye. It didn't take her two seconds to recognize the boy with the black hair and the lightning bolt shaped scar on the forehead. Harry Potter. She couldn't help but wonder why he was at Trinita College a week early too. However another teacher entered the room as she wanted to ask Harry and called his name. 
"Potter, Harry," the young woman read out and stared at him as he stood up. "If you would follow me please."
Her eyes widened and she began fidgeting as he walked up to her. He entered the room she had opened the door to and she shut it behind him. It had only been about a minute as she reappeared and called for Scarlett. 
"Protege, Scarlett," she called her up, pronouncing her last name as Proteyge. 
"It's French," Scarlett replied coolly. "You pronounce it Protégé."
The woman shot her a glare, putting Scarlett back in her place. Clearly showing how wrong she was for talking up to teachers before school had even started. Scarlett entered the room which was significantly greater than the other. The wallpaper was the same kind of pearly white as the cloak of the young witch who had held the door open for her. The chandelier hanging from the ceiling was easily big enough for people to sit on. Scarlett had been so occupied with analyzing the interior of the beautiful bureau that she didn't notice the woman at the desk. 
"Welcome Miss Protege," she said with a soft voice. "If you would please take a seat."
Scarlett felt like laughing as there was only one empty chair available and sat down opposite to the strange woman at the desk. 
"My name is Professor Acute," she introduced herself and extended a hand towards Scarlett. "My name might not come as a surprise to you, as I am headmistress."
Scarlett nodded although she hadn't remembered the name at all. Satisfied Professor Acute explained her the rules of the school and how she would be sorted. Professor Sentire was the name of the other teacher and she would be sorting Scarlett by connecting to her deepest emotion.  Scarlett stood back up and turned towards the other woman who lay her hand on her chest. For a few seconds the room was dead silent until she opened her eyes again. 
"Very well," Professor Sentire said to Scarlett as she retreated. "You will be a student of my house. Potesta."
Scarlett stared at her dumb-founded. She was off to a great start with her head of house. 

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