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Trinita College of Wizardry and Witchcraft is a renowned University in the wizarding world. Alongsidpe Harry, Ginny, Hermione, Ron, Draco and few other Hogwarts students, a Beauxbatons girl by the name of Scarlett visits the mysterious school. Is there bad blood after the happenings of the Battle of Hogwarts? Let me introduce you into a world full of magic, mystery, romance and drama. If you want to add a character, please fill out the form in the comments and I will sort you into one of the Trinita houses.


5. The Revelation

The Revelation


Anxiously, unknowing of what was awaiting her, Scarlett paced up and down in front of the Sorting room. Shortly after she had settled down, Headmistress Acute left the room and Professor Sentire bade her to enter. 
"Please sit down." her head of house says and pulls out a chair for her. 
Scarlett got an eerie feeling that it would either be a shock to her or a long meeting. 
"How much do you know about your past?" Professor Sentire asks her student and looks at her sternly, her golden curls a great contrast to her serious face. 
"Nearly nothing," Scarlett admited, blushing. "I just assumed they are or were rich, as I lived very nicely and luxuriously."
Her teacher looked at her in despair. 
"Here comes the first bad message," she said and drew her breath sharply. "You're an orphan now. Both your parents died in the Battle of Hogwarts last year."
Tears shot into Scarlett's eyes immediately. She was an orphan now. 
"Who killed them?" she managed to ask in between her sobs. 
"Mrs. Weasley and Harry Potter." she says dryly avoiding eye contact. 
"But Harry Potter killed only one-" she stopped mid-sentence as it dawned on her. 
Her father was none other than the Dark Lord himself. That would of course explain her crimson red eyes she concealed so well. After thinking about the article on the battle she came to the conclusion of Bellatrix Lestrange being her mother. At least she couldn't remember Molly Weasley killing anybody else. 
"You mean to tell me," she said her voice cracking. "My parents were Bellatrix Lestrange and the Dark Lord."
Professor Sentire looked at her sympathetically and slowly nodded as if fast movements would upset her too much. Scarlett desperately tried holding back the tears but felt her body go numb. She couldn't quite understand the situation. All she knew is that she had never asked for this information and she wanted to be on her own now. Of course she couldn't just go, it would be rude and she surely didn't feel strong enough to get up. She sat there, stared at her hands lying in her lap and let the tears stream down. Had she listened to Mme Bellure and gone to a French University she would have gone through a lot less hassle. Professor Sentire just stood there, not knowing what to do and unable to cheer her up. Several minutes later Scarlett dried up and slowly lifted her head. Her head of house sat down on the chair opposite to her own and looked at her intently. 
"How are you feeling?" she asked her voice gentle and soft. 
"Could be better." she replied honestly and sobbed a last time. 
"You surely have many questions." the teacher said calmingly. 
Why hadn't they raised her, or visited her every now and then? Had they even cared about her? Why wouldn't they even write to her? However instead of asking any of these questions she shook her head. Her Professor looked surprised but nodded understandingly. She leapt of her chair, walked to the door and looked at Scarlett. 
"You can come and talk to me anyday." she let Scarlett know and opened the door to see her out. 

It was two days ago now, that Scarlett had the uncomfortable meeting. A lot of students had arrived and she had met some of her roommates. She had also realized that a great deal of first years were running around in black robes with the green collar and the Cognite emblem. It was a white-brownish owl in front of a forest green background, carrying a wand in her beak. Two of the Cognite second years were seen running around together every now and then. Naturally as a Potesta student she didn't hang with them but by the teachers she had overheard the names. Asia and Sakura seemed to be very good as the teachers were always smitten with them. As one of them was Asian it was easy to see who was who. Sakura was the small black-haired girl with the emerald green eyes who always seemed to find a reason to grin. Asia was the one you would find in a huge crowd. Her white hair with red highlights stood out everywhere she went. It almost hid the fact that she seemed to be a walking accident. Just two hours ago Scarlett had a great laugh as Asia tripped up the stairs. She walked up the stairs, taking two at a time as she runs into a boy her age. The wolf on the orange background telling her he was a Fortitue student. 
"Watch where you're going." she snapped at him as she picked up the book she had dropped. 
"You're the one who is looking at her shoes while climbing the stairs." he snapped back and took her by surprise. 
His brown hair and blue eyes had made her assume he was harmless. How did he even dare speak to her like that, then again he didn't know her family tree she reminded herself. 
"Whatever." she snarled and strode away not looking back. 
While walking around the corner her eyes fell upon Draco Malfoy who was now not only her friend but also her cousin. Although he didn't know. The grey tiger in front of the black crest didn't suit him as well as the Slytherin snake he always complained. Scarlett grinned at the thought. However her grin faded as Headmistress Acute strode towards her. 
"There's somebody in the empty classroom 1.2.19 waiting for you," she told her. "It seems to be urgent. You better hurry."

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