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Trinita College of Wizardry and Witchcraft is a renowned University in the wizarding world. Alongsidpe Harry, Ginny, Hermione, Ron, Draco and few other Hogwarts students, a Beauxbatons girl by the name of Scarlett visits the mysterious school. Is there bad blood after the happenings of the Battle of Hogwarts? Let me introduce you into a world full of magic, mystery, romance and drama. If you want to add a character, please fill out the form in the comments and I will sort you into one of the Trinita houses.


3. Mysterious Meeting

Mysterious Meeting


Scarlett woke up the next morning, fully revived after her long journey the day before. The common room was empty and she couldn't help but wonder if anybody else had been sorted into Potesta at all. She sat down on one of the armchairs by the cackling fire in the centre of the wall opposite to the entrance door. To the left and the right of the fireplace the staircases leading to either the girls or the boys dormitory were to be found. It took her several minutes to realize she would have to get her breakfast herself. Although she hadn't received any information on the whereabouts in the school, she did remember the map they had sent her together with her student ID. Unluckily she had left it at home but of course she was a wizard so she just conjured it with a flick of her wand. She studies the map, folded it up and stuffed it into one of her robe pockets. As she entered the Dining Room it was more of a hall. About 20 square tables seating 10 people each stood in rows. Four people, one of them she identified as Harry Potter had stuck their heads together after she had entered. The girl to Harry's right had brown, curly hair unlike the other two who both had red hair. The boy being very tall and skinny sat to the brunette's right and the girl who was most likely his sister sat to the left of Harry. She sat down a few tables from them and while she ate realized that every now and then one of them would look up and glance over at her. Through the corner of her eye she saw somebody appear at the long table opposite to the entrance door. She hadn't noticed the table before but as she glanced over she immediately felt it was the teachers table. A teacher she hadn't met yet - she had only met three - stood in front of the table, holding his wand against his neck. 
"Good morning students." his voice bellowed through the hall and echoed from the empty walls. 
It was only now that Scarlett realized the walls were in fact empty, not a single picture hanging on them only the high arched windows gave the walls something unique. The source of light by day was solemnly by the windows, not a problem when it was sunny. 
"I would like to welcome all of you in Trinita College of Wizardry and Witchcraft," the teacher's voice became audible again. "I am Professor Potimul head of Fortitue house. Trustee teacher to everybody. Which means if you should have the need to talk to somebody about something happening here, I am the one you should come to."
By the name of Potimul, Scarlett looked at her. He did look asian, though she couldn't tell which country in specific. She turned back to her breakfast and noticed a roll of parchment laying next to her plate. Confused she looked around and realized relieved that the other students had received one too. That theirs wasn't quite the same as hers she didn't know yet. She unrolled the parchment and read. 

Dear Miss Scarlett Protege,

The first sheet is a general information on the school, however the second sheet of paper is only for your information. 

Yours sincerely, 
Prof. Acute

She put it away and finished her breakfast in silence before returning to her dormitory. 

Lying on her bed she unfolded the sheets of parchment and read them thoroughly. 

The house of Fortitue
Was one of the four founding houses and only the strongest students will be sorted into it. Whether it be strong in dueling or strong headed. Only those with true strength will be chosen to enter and only the strongest will succeed and leave the school victorious. Spare time activities for the students of Fortitue are to be chosen preferably from Dueling, Patronus Conjuring and Quidditch. 

The house of Protesta
Was one of the four founding houses and only the students who seek power more than anything would enter. The students that seek glory and fame almost as much as power. Great Ministers of Magic have been formed by this house, setting might over everything be it family or friends. Spare time activities for the students of Protesta are to be chosen preferably from Occlumency, Legilimency or Produceof Horcruxes (only for the best students). 

The house of Cognite
Was one of the four founding houses and only the students who seek true wisdom are to be sorted into it. Whether it is knowledge about dark magic or good magic. It doesn't make a difference. Only the smartest of the smart wizards will succeed here. Spare time activities for the students of Cognite are to be chosen from Study Group, Charms or Potions. 

The house of Gerius
Was one of the four founding houses teaching those who thought fairly and treated everybody equally. However the house was destroyed 150 years ago when the great fight between the four houses demolished the right wing of the building. Leaving only three houses behind and about 50 dead students it is named the second biggest school war there was. 

The biggest one surely was the Battle of Hogwarts, Scarlett thought to herself. 50 dead students was still a huge amount. She reached for the second letter. 

Dear Miss Protege,

I have researched a little and found out a lot about your past and your family tree. You might not like what I found out in your background check but you will have to see me over this. This afternoon at 3pm in front of the Sorting room I will be awaiting you. 

Yours sincerely,
Prof. Sentire

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