Wizarding College - Learning advanced magic

Trinita College of Wizardry and Witchcraft is a renowned University in the wizarding world. Alongsidpe Harry, Ginny, Hermione, Ron, Draco and few other Hogwarts students, a Beauxbatons girl by the name of Scarlett visits the mysterious school. Is there bad blood after the happenings of the Battle of Hogwarts? Let me introduce you into a world full of magic, mystery, romance and drama. If you want to add a character, please fill out the form in the comments and I will sort you into one of the Trinita houses.


6. Headmistress Office

Headmistress' Office


Scarlett dashed towards the direction, Professor Acute had given her. She hesitated for only a second, before slowly turning the nob to classroom 1.2.19. Gently she pushed the door open and peered inside, only making out a black-hooded figure standing with his back to her. 
"So you know now," a voice she had heard before but couldn't pin down stated. "About your parents."
The figure motioned her to come in and she did, closing the door behind her. 
"Do you know about your legacy then," the vaguely familiar voice asked her. "Surely as the heir of the old wizarding families Slytherin and Black you didn't expect to sut around do nothing, right."
Her eyes widened in surprise, she hadn't given it a thought at all yet, what it meant. She was still in the stage of having the information sink in. 
"Don't tell me," he said his voice lowered dangerously. "You're not planning on not continuing it. After all, I and many others put great faith in you. We hope for you to continue the path of power."
"Well," she mumbled nervously. "I haven't given it a thought at all yet."
He turned around suddenly and Scarlett eyes widened. Antonin Dolohov smiled as he walked up to her. 
"Talk to Draco," he advised. "He knows all about it and can instruct you. You see, almost all the remaining Death Eaters wait for a powerful return. Even the young ones. Do you understand?"
Scarlett felt herself nod vigorously in response and he smiled widely. 
"That's a good girl," he soothed. "Don't worry you're not on your own. There are about 200 people behind you and one of them here."
200 people? She looked at him in disbelief. How could so many people put their faith in her? A barely legal witch who grew up in a calm environment?
"I have to go now," Dolohov broke the silence. "Many people await your answer. See, we have been waiting for you to come to England ever since your parents had passed away. Stay on the right path, I'll see you soon."

Scarlett left the classroom, her head spinning from all the new information. 
"Look, where you're going." the girl she had just bumped into snapped. 
Her short, brown ponytail waving as she shook her head in annoyance. She fixed her blue eyes upon Scarlett who was about a head shorter than her. 
"Are you looking down on me?" Scarlett snapped and scowled at her. 
"It's hard not to," the girl answered. "You're about the size of a 12-year old."
"No need, to be cheeky Miss Stride," Professor Acute told her as she came closer. "What are you doing here anyways? Lunch is served in the dining hall."
"Not hungry, Headmistress," she answered and glared at Scarlett, who smirked now. "Still I will better get going now."
She had obviously read Headmistress Acute's body language as she smiled and nodded in response to the retreating student. 
"Miss Protege," the principal addressed her. "If you would please follow me to my office."
Scarlett nodded and followed, along narrow stairways and hallways up until the very top of the West Tower. She looked around in fascination, students weren't normally allowed into this part of the school. They came to a halt in front of a huge hole in the wall. Scarlett peered past the Professor and wouldn't believe her eyes. The ground consisted of dirt, stones, tiles and bricks. They were obviously in the part of the school that had once belonged to Gerius house. Acute mumbled an incantation and few seconds later stood a great archway where the gaping hole had been and she entered, beckoning Scarlett to follow. Cautiously, she entered after her principal and up the stairs to a great doorway. The door was unlocked with a tap of her wand and slid out of sight. Once inside the office, Scarlett couldn't help but look amazed. The high bookshelves covering the walls were filled to the brim with books. Some of them were probably saved from the ruins. A great wooden desk stood in the centre of the room, beneath the great chandelier. Only by the light of it, Scarlett realized that the room didn't have a single window. She still looked around as she sat down onto the chair in front of the desk, lowering herself onto something soft, living. Scarlett jumped back up to an undoubtedly annoyed hissing sound. The huge snake heaved itself from the chair and slithered under the desk. Scarlett could have sworn the serpent had cursed at her. Quickly she pushed the thought into the back of her mind and had another look at the chair before finally sitting down. 
"What did she say to you?" Professor Acute asked suddenly. 

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