A poem about heartbreak (for the heartbreak competition)

About a relationship that isn't all it was meant to be.


1. Whatshisname

I remember the face, recalled the times,

But remembered to burn the photographs; tore them up, burnt the shrivels of memories in my mind,

Never to return again.


486 days later, I still dream,

Remembering when I would be kissed goodnight as if nothing had happened,

To me it hadn’t.

Dark covering the deepest secret I had yet to learn

Like the sour of rank coffee left to waste, that my nose wrinkled at.

The wasp stings still, the smell hits my nose and I writhe with the pain.


Kisses before sunrise,

The bitter cold of dawn warmed by love struck kisses on sleeping cheeks,

Truth bubbling like a witch’s brew on Halloween.


But now I know I’ll never turn back time,

486 days and nights broken, twisted, maliciously spent,

The shadows of the goodnight kisses; how innocent.

Now culpable.

Words recalling in my mind, twisting like a knife of the regrets past,



You called me crazy

But in reality kept it hidden.

I now know I wasn’t the only one.

Every touch, a lie

Every kiss, a lie.

Tasted of someone else.

                             I just didn’t know.


Regrets are useless, it was the past.

                            It was in my head.

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