This story is about Jack Johnson. Its about a girl who moves away from home and goes to Santa Monica, Califronia to visit her Bestfriend. When she gets there thing will be diffrent. Jack will fall inlove with her and So will one of his friends. Who will she choose??


4. Shit Happens

Dess POV


"Mkay. So what do you think about living with me?" I ask Jack nervously. My dad and mom left for 4 months to work and study the kids in South Africa. So since I dont like to be alone in my house (because its dark and scary), So i asked Jack if he could stay with me.


"Sure Dess, But I have to ask my mom first" He said and pulled out his phone and dialed her number. While he did that I went into the kitchen and looked out the window. It was cloudy and dark skied. I watched as the clouds went by.


"She said yea but dont do anything stupid" He laughed while walking into the kitchen. I started to laugh along with him. I then stopped laughing as the light in the kitchen went out. I looked up at the lights and then back at Jack. 


"Damn, um ok" He said and started to walk towards the cable room.


"What are you doing?" I ask wlking behind him keeping some of my distance. I don't like being alone in the dark. Ever.


"Im gonna see why the light went out only in the kitchen and not everywhere else" He said looking at all of the cable wires and shit.


"Ok the problem is that the thunder and rain blew the wire outside only on the kitchen lights" He said sounding like one of the repair men. I started to giggle.


"What?" Jack chuckled and turned to face me. I looked at hime and saw that his hand was on one hip and one leg was bent. Which made me laugh even more.


"N-nothing" I said as my laughter died down. I started to walk back out to the kitchen and sat on one of the islands. 


"You know we could do something fun" He said while walking behind my and gripping my waist making squirm and laugh. 


"Like what" I asked him tilting my head back onto his chest. 


"We could go into your pool" He suggested. I shrugged and sat up jumping off the stool and started up stairs.


"Go get your shit dude" I said giggling. I walked into my room to go get my swim outfit ready. A black and white stripped top with black bottoms and white strings hanging from the sides.


 I walked out to see if jack was put there and finished getting dressed. He was he walked out shirtless and might I say.  DAMN. He was hot in only swim shorts. His shorts were the same color and pattern as my top.




I really didn't realize I was staring until he walked up to my and poked my nose. I looked up at him and poked his stomach. I was rock solid, i frowned and looked down. He picked my head up with his finger.


"Stop staring cutie" He said and and grabbed my hand and we started walking down stairs throught the living room and out the back door. I was walking infront of him and i ahd a feeling to look back so I did. 




I turned around completely and gave him a dirty look. I walked up to him and put my arms around his neck and stood on my tipy toes and looked into his eyes. He put his arms on my lower waist and did an arm chain.


"Stop looking at my booty" I giggled and let go. But he didn't. He kept his arm chain and pulled me close to him. For a second I thought he was going to kiss me but instead he whispered in my ear.


"I can't help it if your ass is fat and jiggles when you walk" He whispered sexually then he smacked my ass and walked through the door into the backyard.





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