This story is about Jack Johnson. Its about a girl who moves away from home and goes to Santa Monica, Califronia to visit her Bestfriend. When she gets there thing will be diffrent. Jack will fall inlove with her and So will one of his friends. Who will she choose??


1. Bestfriends

Dess POV

"Jack stop" I say laughing as my bestfriend Jack Johnson starts to tickle me while we cuddle on the couch.


"Then say it" He says while tickling my harder on my sides. I try to push his arms away from my sides to stop hime from tickling me, But that only causes him to pin my arms above my head and straddle me.


"Jack...dude...get off me" I say with my Boston accent sticking out. He just stares at me, looking into my eyes. Like he's in a trance of some sort. 


"jack...hey buddy whats wrong" I say concerned while looking back at him. I then look up at how he's holding my arms above my head. They starts to hurt a little bit. I try to move them but only a little as he snaps out of his trance.


"S-sorry, I-i...I just...Im sorry" He says and he gets off me and sits up and pulls me with him. He then hugs me and kisses my head.


"Jack?" I say looking up at him. He looks right back at me and mummurs 'hmm'. 


"I'm bored" I say laughing and he soon joins in. I get up and go to the kitchen and go into the freezer to look for popsicles. I find a blue a green and a pink popsicle. I was about to reach for them 'till i felt arms go around my waist and a head on my shoulder. 


"What?" I ask laughing looking at him over my shoulder. He then steps closer to my body and hugs me from behind. I giggle and so does he. His laugh is too cute.


"Nothing...I just like being close to you" He whispers into my right ear and pulls my body closer to his. If that's even possible.


"Awww, thats sweet, but i'm trying to get popsicles for us so let me go" I say giggling. Jack pulls away from my body and back into the counter behind him. I then grab all three Ice pops and turn around to face him.


"Okay so, we have green, blue, and pink which one do you want?" I ask him walking forward setting them down one the counter behind him. He turns around and reaches for the same one i reach for. I was about to grab it when his hand touched mine. I looked at him while he looked at our hands. Then he grabs that popsicle and grabs the knife.


"What are you doing?" I ask confused. He just sets the popsicle on the counter and I watch. He cuts the popsicle in half. He hands one half to me and he gets the half side. I look at him in 'aww' and walk back into the movie room where we were at first. I sit on the couch and he sits beside me. I was about to get up to change the movie we where watching until i felt like i was getting picked up. And i was. Jack picked me up bridel style and sat me on his lap. I placed my head on his shoulder facing the tv and felt a wet kiss on my head.


After we finished our Ice sicles we cuddled on the couch. I was laying down sideways and Jack was behind me holding me close to his body because he said 'he's cold and needs my body for warmth' so here we are. I was falling asleep but wanted to stay up. 


"Just go to sleep beautiful" Jack whispers in my ear while rubbing my back up and down. I listened to jack and fell asleep in his arms.



Hey guys, Its Dess and This is my first chapter. I will be posting regulary and reading comments and i will comment you if i need help with and idea of some sort. Thank you guys and i will see you later. 0_0 Peace


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