This story is about Jack Johnson. Its about a girl who moves away from home and goes to Santa Monica, Califronia to visit her Bestfriend. When she gets there thing will be diffrent. Jack will fall inlove with her and So will one of his friends. Who will she choose??


2. About us

Dess POV


As you can see me and Jack are really close. He is the bestest friend a girl could ever ask for. Jack and i met at an airport one time back around last Christmas. I was walking trying to find an Uber. (i've been in one it freaking amazing) When i bumped into him.



I was walking around people and ducking under luggages trying to find my way to the exit. I was basically jogging around trying to find it until i bumped into someone on the staircase. Sending them flying head first doing summer saults. I gasped and watched then take a horrific tumble and land on their back. 


"I am SO sorry" I shrieked running down the stairs to come and help him up. 

"Hey....It's okay, im fine, but i didn't know i was doing gymnastics" He joked. I nervously laughed while looking at him. I had to admit he was a cutie. He had dirty blonde hair and icey blue eyes and a cute baby smile. I then felt something hit my hand. i looked down and it was blood. I looked up and saw he was bleeding from his neck. 

"Omg your neck is bleeding" I said panicing. I lifted up his lefthand to feel his neck and blood was on his finger tips. 

"Damn, i didn't plan on delivering blood" He said trying to ease the situation. we got him to the ER and they checked him out. No internal bleeding just brusied. After that day we always keep in touch. 

And from that day forward we became the best of the friends





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