♥Group Chat♥ ~ L.R.H. (A 5SOS Fanfic)

What happens when a girl goes online to a group chat with people she doesn't know?... So she thinks. But it turns out, that she in a group chat with the most famous band in the world, 5 Seconds Of Summer. Copyright © HEMMINGS_BABE


2. Playlist

Official Playlist of Group Chat (L.R.H):

❇ Tomorrow Never Dies (5SOS)

❇ Cold Water (Major Lazer Ft. Justin Bieber)

❇ U Smile (Justin Bieber)

❇ Sweatshirt (Jacob Sartorius)

❇ Hit Or Miss (Jacob Sartorius)

❇ Could Be (Sammy Wilk)

❇ Safety Pin (5SOS)

❇ Treat You Better (Shawn Mendes)

(Playlist creds: Myself! XD)

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