♥Group Chat♥ ~ L.R.H. (A 5SOS Fanfic)

What happens when a girl goes online to a group chat with people she doesn't know?... So she thinks. But it turns out, that she in a group chat with the most famous band in the world, 5 Seconds Of Summer. Copyright © HEMMINGS_BABE


3. ❇ one ❇

June 11th, 2:30 AM

Nat: hello. My name's Natasha

Luke_Is_A_Penguin✌ joined the chat.

Luke_Is_A_Penguin✌: hey. How are you?

Nat: I'm okay.

Luke_Is_A_Penguin✌: that's good!

Nat: So um where are you from?

Luke_Is_A_Penguin✌: Australia. Sydney Australia. 💯

Nat: so Luke is your name? Or are you just a girl fantasising over Luke Hemmings from 5 Seconds Of Summer? Because I swear, if you're like THE Luke Hemmings... I might cry... HE'S MY SUNSHINE! 😍😘

Luke_Is_A_Penguin✌: What if I was? What would be your first words to me? But that's only like, if I was him.. Because, PSH! I'm not him! He's got a lot going for him. I don't. So yeah.

Nat: I'd probably say that you've changed my life. You're an amazing person. You make me really happy. 😊

Luke_Is_A_Penguin✌: Wow. I bet he'd be really happy to hear those words.. 😊😋

Nat: he would be. If he actually heard them. Wouldn't it be amazing to hear that the one person who made you very happy, heard or seen the words you wrote or said?

Luke_Is_A_Penguin✌: yeah. It would be pretty damn amazing. Luke_Is_A_Penguin✌: HEY DON'T FUCKING SWEAR!!!! ~ A SHUT UP! SERIOUSLY ASH! SHUT UP. WE DON'T NEED YOUR INPUT DAMMIT. sorry my girlfriend Ashley doesn't like it when I swear...

Nat: oh. You have a girlfriend? That's cool...

Luke_Is_A_Penguin: You like me, don't you?

Nat: never said I did. I never said I didn't either. 😂😂

Luke_Is_A_Penguin: 😂😂😂😂😂 funny.

Nat: Well it's almost 2:30 in the morning...😐😴

Luke_Is_A_Penguin: Why stay up so la- oh right... Your talking to me. Its 7:30 in the afternoon here. June 12th.

Nat: Its June 11th here. 2:30 AM. That's like 19 hours ahead of me.

Luke_Is_A_Penguin: Correction! 19 1/2 hours ahead of you! 😋😝


Here you guys go! First chapter of Group Chat (L.R.H.)!!!! Hopefully you guys enjoyed that!  Hope you guys love this book! Peace!, Love!, 5SOS! Xx Natasha

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