♥Group Chat♥ ~ L.R.H. (A 5SOS Fanfic)

What happens when a girl goes online to a group chat with people she doesn't know?... So she thinks. But it turns out, that she in a group chat with the most famous band in the world, 5 Seconds Of Summer.



1. Prologue

I usually don't do any chatting. Not if they aren't my friends. But I wanted to try and make new ones. New friends.


Hello! My name is Natasha and I live in the life of a massive fan girl. I was going to tell you guys all about my Group Chat Experience. I've never been in a group chat... Like, not with strangers... Who knows what'll happen?!? I might get kidnapped or something.. But well, here you guys go... My Group Chat Experience!


❇ All a work of fiction! This story doesn't depict any event in real life. (People, yes. XD) ❇ There is swearing. ❇ This book will start out with me and Luke. The other boys will be added over time.


Hey guys!!!! I'm back! With a new book! This may be where I will say that this book may scar you for life... Other times, it may make you laugh. So of course, here's this: Please enjoy every minute of this book! Peace!, Love!, 5SOS! Xx Natasha

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