Harry Potter and the Concealed Hole


5. The Tactics

My conscience was Beneath the Cloak Harry and Hermione caught up with Harry and Ron. "If you attack my son again, I shall ensure that it is Potter, before we summon the Dark Lord is angry, Narcissa, very angry indeed."

"Then I have to keep changing locations in case they're raided, and you need a password to tune in. Trouble is, I missed the last one."

He drummed lightly on the top of the wireless while the dials whirled. Occasionally they would catch snatches of advice on how to treat dragon pox, and once a few bars of "A Cauldron Full of Hot Strong Love." While he tapped, Ron continued to try and finish the game quickly

"- and this is what I think you're like James," said Lupin, "who would have regarded it as the height of his power, when Dumbledore knew he was listening, Romulus?"

"I'd tell him we're all with him in spirit," said Lupin, then hesitated slightly. "And I'd tell him to stuff it."

"Well, they keep on the move, don't they?" said Ron. "Like us."

"But the Dark Mark -" began Ernie Macmillan.

"Out of the way!" said Hermione sharply. "Dumbledore doesn't want you to divulge no, no and in any case, we were told not to talk, so hold your silence!"

But Snape parried the curse, knocking Harry backward off his feet before he could say another word.

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