Trying to Remember

Love hurts... it may put you in danger...


10. 8



"Your missing school today" Chris said as he shut my door as I fell back asleep like a dead deep sleep. 


"So take a piece of my heart so when we are apart you'll never be alone you'll never be aloonnee" he sang with a beautiful voice making me happy and get butterflies. His blonde quiff was so messy and his lip ring looked so good on him. "I love you" he said as he finished the song as I smiled and stood up grabbing me a blanket putting it on me as he grabbed my hot coco cup and handed it to me. No it was coffee! "I love you too" I said as he kissed the top of my forehead.


I woke up feeling as if that was real. With my heavy breath taking control over me that felt super real. So real it actually scared me because it felt super real. Did that happen? No it was just a dream! I thought as I fell back asleep. 



"Hey Crystal I am going to be gone for about three weeks can you make it on your own for that long?" he asked. "Just because I forgot a lot well everything doesn't mean I know how to hurt someone" I said on the middle of the door step. He smiled and gave me a hug. "I love you bye" he said as he left I sighed and walked over to the couch. As I pulled out my phone just sitting there until my phone buzzed as I looked at it. There is a party tonight! I got up and started picking out my outfit. Then I ran to the shower then did my make up and got into some tight shorts and a long baggy shirt. With a beanie.


Then I walked out it was later at night so I walked out to my jeep as I got into my jeep driving to Rikers house. I hopped out as Riker come up to me putting his arm around me winking at me. He almost fell but I caught him laughing. "Drinks are in the kitchen" he slurred as I nodded walking into the house then into the kitchen. 


"Hey Crystal please don't talk to Luke he will play you and hurt you and leave you again" Chris said so serious as tears formed in his eyes. "Why?" I asked as he sighed "He hurt you Crystal he left you and never came back okay he is bad and he cheated on you and he just he hurt you so much" he said frustrated with tears welling in his eyes. As I grabbed hi shoulder. "Okay" I said.


I started drinking as I come to the dance floor. I started swaying my hips as I felt my hips get grabbed I giggled and looked at him and winked. His face lit up he was tall and tan with caramel hair and a smile that was so beautiful. "Hey whats up" he said as I smiled swaying my hips still"want to dance?" he asked as I giggled and nodded. We started dancing as someone started twerking. "Come on Crystal dance with me" the girl said as I started shaking my booty and twerking. "Come on" I said as he laughed "Irish people don't dance" he said. I grabbed his hand and started dancing with him.


He laughed as we started dancing. "Names Ashton" he smiled "Crystal" I said "I know" he said happily "how?" I asked. "By someone but now he and I aren't friends" he said grabbing my hips. "Your so hot" he said as I laughed. Do you know that I have Irish in me? Well yeah I do! "So you from here" he asked as I nodded he giggled and danced along with me. Until I felt someone forcefully grab me and pull me away taking me into some room.


It was a closet. I couldn't see until a light cam on as I put my knee up and kneed whoever in the balls. "Ouch its me" someone groaned. Guess I know them! "What" I spat it was Luke Chris told me things about him and I don't like him. "Yea Chris has said things about me but you need to remember what we had was real for a fact I know it was and I love you just try please try to remember?" he begged. "Ummmm" I said tilting my head looking up as a smirk formed on my lips "no" I said as his jaw dropped. I like games! 


"Please" he begged as I walked out "no can do" I gave him the middle finger. 




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