Trying to Remember

Love hurts... it may put you in danger...


5. 4



I didn't mean to make Crystal run away like that it's just seeing him... Luke last night really made me mad. He broke her heart by going and doing god knows what with some other girl! He made her forget when Crystal woke up in her room I scared her and she threw a shoe at me!Because he made her get into a wreck!!!


"No Dylan I searched everywhere for her all over town even at the waterfall she normally goes to she is not there I am so worried" I said and it was 6:00 at night she has been gone all day long. "Broo you know ever since she lost all her memories and now is a new girl like don't get me wrong I loved Crystal but bad girl Crystal soo my type but you know she is sensitive and what you said really broke her heart" Dylan said we were on the phone talking. "Oh well okay I'm going to go bye" I hung up.


I didn't mean to make it sound like that.




I woke up next to Crystal with her sound asleep "wake uppp lets go make... whatever we could find" I said which she opened her eyes and nodded. "So uh how do you remember me?" I asked hoping she would remember everything we had did together. "I feel like Andy isn't telling me something about you and the other boys" she sighed and sat down. "Would you like to know?" I asked. Her face lit up as she nodded. "One sec" I said.


I grabbed the picture book of just us an ran downstairs and opened it to the first page sitting net to her "you gave me your number here" I said pointing at the picture Calum took of me when she gave me her number. "Here you told me everything going on between your parents" I said which she nodded. "Here was when I asked you to go on a date with me" "then here is our first kiss which was in the rain" I went on and on about us.


"Then here is when you were in the hospital and I felt like it was my fault this happened to you thats why I am a little scared when I'm around you because I feel like it was me" I said with tears falling down my face. She grabbed my face and wiped away the tears just like how I would wipe her tears away. "Don't cry" she said I nodded and then I hugged her holding the little petite body.


"There's videos" I said "wanna watch them?" she asked I brought her into the living room and put in tapes on the t.v. and this one was camping. "You killed the bear that was trying to kill us" I laughed which she giggled "it about ate me!" I stated which she laughed. We just kept on watching videos until the last one came.


"So could you remember anything?" I asked "bits and pieces I'm trying to remember" she smiled and checked the time. "Oh my that took all day Chris is going to be scared I have to go call me its still the same number" she laughed and winked again making us laugh again. "Need a ride?" I asked which she shrugged "sure" then I grabbed my keys as we come outside. "I'll text you tonight" I said starting the car.


"Sounds good" she nodded as I drove to her house.

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