Trying to Remember

Love hurts... it may put you in danger...


4. 3

Authors Note: Sorry I haven't informed you yet but the italic is memories or flashbacks but like both so yea :p


Crystal Black


Me and Chris just got home he didn't speak he seemed bothered ever since we seen them cute boys in the store. He started to unpack the groceries as I started helping him "No Crystal just go somewhere" he sighed pushing me away. What did I ever do? "I don't want to be around you right now" he said as my eyes watered from that. Chris is the closest one to me he is the only one that has helped me and protected me. "No I didn't mean it like that" he said as I ran off out the front door walking to the old abandoned fountain. 


As I was walking two guys come to a big house "hey Crystal how have you been since the break up?" one asked. Break up? I haven't been with nobody I think! "what do you mean?" I asked as two other boys come out "sorry my friends are playing dumb" one said I noticed him. His blonde quiff and his accent "sorry for my brother today he never really acts like that if it makes you feel better he told me he didn't want to be around me" I said. As the blonde's eyes widen "why wanna come in its going to rain soon?" he asked. Well he is cute and I know how to fight... Okay!


"Okay" I nodded as he grabbed my hand sending butterflies in my stomach at his warm touch he is so adorable! "Sit by me oh and this is Calum and Ashton and Michael and I am Luke" the blonde said. Luke, Michael, Ashton, and Calum now those names sound familiar. I just can't put my finger on it. "Crystal" I smiled as they all nodded. Then I sat next to Luke as they were playing the Conjuring now I am going to honest this movie scares me! 


Something popped out as I jumped up grabbing Luke as he chuckled and put his arms around me making me feel more... like I'm at home. My head rested against his chest as he was breathing the boys were all paying close attention to the movie. My phone buzzed as I checked it looking up at the t.v. wished I never did though. As soon as I looked up it showed some sort of demon and it made a loud scary noise. As I threw my phone up in the air grabbing a tighter hold of Luke.


"Your safe I promise" he laughed as I blushed. By now the movie was over "Monsters Inc." Luke suggested as all the boys groaned "we watch that every movie night" Michael groaned. "Bu-" "no buts we are watching Finding Dory" Calum said as Luke sighed and held me close like we were together. This place and Luke makes me feel like I'm....... I'm home.


"You tired" Luke whispered in my ear which I nodded "yea I think I'll go home" I said getting up "no stay with me please" he begged with me giving in "okay but clothes?" I asked "I'll give you some" he said which I nodded. "Were going to bed night boys" Luke said "nothing bad" Michael yelled as the boys started laughing. Luke come to his huge room and grabbed a long shirt and handed it to me as I put it on and without him looking. He left the room getting dressed as he layed on the bed. "You can sleep by thr wall" he said I nodded and layed down. With him wrapping his arms around me "goodnight Crystal" "night Luke" we said then fell asleep.




"You know I don't think I would make it if I lost you" Luke said hugging me as I hugged him me and him just got into another fight and he is saying sorry. Which he kinda hurt me not that much he just said he regretted falling for me that he wished he didn't love me so much. But he does. "You know I love you too" I said as he smile and kissed me.




I woke up feeling as if that actually happened in reality.... The the the dream it never felt so real. But how I never met him. Whats going on with me? Is Chris not telling me something I should know!

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