Trying to Remember

Love hurts... it may put you in danger...


2. 2

"Do I know you" she asked as fear struck me "I don't know do I?" I asked she nodded "something makes me feel different... sorry I'm going back to shopping" she said and took off before I could say anything...


"Brooo she truly loved you she may still love you what if she falls for you?" Calum couldn't stop running his mouth as I grabbed some soda. "I know and I am worried" I said but it was the truth. What if I screw up again? I want to love her and her to love me again. But I'm scared if she doesn't love me anymore or if I mess up and screw every single thing up again. I still love her the day I even layed eyes on her was the moment I knew I loved her.


I was by the waterfall I wanted to it up on the rocks by it because Calum said he would go over down below it and take a picture. As I walked up to the rock to climb up on it I seen a beautiful short blonde with green eyes as I fell in love she seemed scared. "Sorry I uh sorry" she tilted her head "oh no your fine" I smiled biting my lip with my lip ring in the way. "Ouch" I mumbled under my breath "you okay" she asked "oh uh yea its just that I just got my lip piercing" I smiled. She is the one I really like her. "It's hot" she winked making my cheek turn red "can I uh have your number" I asked making her smile so bright as she nodded and wrote it down.


The memory brought a smile to my face "mate you still there?" Calum asked which I nodded he gave me a weird look then he started pushing the basket. Grab buttered popcorn my inner self told me "grab the b-" I threw it in the basket as Calum smiled and we kept on shopping. "Lets get this" I said throwing some pies in then some cakes he nodded as we made our way to the cash register. As we come me and Calum seen Crystal and Chris in front of us he looked back and stiffened up glaring at us.


Wonder what his problem is? "Chris can I get some candy?" Crystal asked he nodded as she looked and grabbed some Reese's her favorite. Me and Calum go over to a candy store not the grocery store! "Mate Ashton is bringing over his girlfriend" Calum said looking up from his phone. "Ashton got's a girlfriend?" I asked which he nodded and showed a picture. "I want a girlfriend to love and hug and cuddle with and watch scary movies with and write her music and i'd do anything for my girlfriend if I had one" I said which made Chris look back at me. AGAIN!


"Stop looking back at them" she demanded as he looked away slowly then paying attention as she looked back at us 'sorry' she mouthed. Making me and Calum smile as Calum gave her a thumbs up as I seen her smile as I looked at Calum seeing I making a heart pointing to me. As I quickly slapped him and felt me blush Chris was paying as they were walking away. She looked back and smiled at Calum then winked at me.


"Bro she is interested" he said as we were putting the things onto the thingy. That moves up food to the person. Then we were paying as the lady gave Calum her number. Can I say eww. Calum scrunched up his nose as we walked away "you want her number instead?" he asked handing me the paper. I shook my head laughing saying no. As we come to the car and unloaded the things Calum crumpled the paper throwing it on the back.


"Your so cute you know that" Ashley said grabbing my face trying to kiss me as I shoved her away "not even interested" I said and walked away seeing Crystal. The girl I seen yesterday "well your a magnet" she winked making me laugh a little. "So how have you been?" I asked sitting next to her "okay its just- I don't wanna talk about it" she took a drink of I don't know what. "Wanna go somewhere else then we could talk?" I asked holding out my hand as I stood up she smiled and took my hand. I took her outside "so whats wrong?" I asked making her sigh and a tear escaping her eye. "Las night mum worked late and dad got home early and when he come home mum wasn't there so he got mad and when she come home he got mad and he pulled her hair and she told me and Chris to go up to our rooms so me and Chris went to my room and they kept me and Chris up all night fighting" she wiped a tear away.


Her dad was rude though. Glad he left them and went to America! 


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