New girl


1. ugh school.

"Aurora Johnson get the hell up now!" I heard my mom screaming from the stairs. I kicked my legs and made whining noises. I don't want to get up, I'm going to be the new girl once again. This is like my 6 school this year. I'm keep getting kicked out because of my "behavior". I pushed the covers off and dragged myself off the bed literally. I was worming my way to the bathroom. "AURORA !!" "Estoy llegando mamá" ( I am coming mommy) I yelled back to her. I hurried brushed my teeth and washed my private area, don't want to smell like fish. I looked in my dresser and picked out a black crop top, jeans, a hat and some vans. Didn't have time to look pretty today. I put my hair in a ponytail and let 2 strains fall in my face. Didn't care how I looked, not there to impress anyone. "conseguir su culo aquí ahora"(get your ass down here now) she burst me out my thoughts and I grabbed everything I need and went down stairs. "Soooo mom, how do I look" I said and turned around "You beautiful, now come on your going to be late" she said grabbing me a apple. "Your not going to complain about my ass being to thick or my boob?" "Maybe another time sweetie" she laughed and pushed me out the door. I have a nice figure for a 16 year old, but I get it from my mom. We're both slim thick. I went to the car while she was locking the house door. She started to walk towards the car and she unlocked it. I hopped in and so did she, we both put on our seat belts and started to move. "Aurora, please don't start any trouble here. I'm tired of changing you to a new school". She said looking at me and the road at the same time. "It don't be me, people always bothering me" I said while biting my apple "Don't let them get to you" "It's not that easy mama" "Will make it easy, because I'm tired" she signed and touches my cheek I looked at her and she was smiling at me. "I love you baby girl" she said "I love you too mommy" I smiled and she continues to drive. I love my mom she's the best. I remember my dad, he was in the army but he died. All he's money and things went to us. I remember when I was 4 sitting on he's lap while he showed me what he brung from other places. I smiled at the memories. I really loved him but they had to take him away. "Rory were here Mami" my mom was looking at me knowing I was thinking She kissed my forehead and she gave me a look that i know everything will be ok. "That was quick" I said looking outside the window where I see kids going inside She laughed "next time you can walk than" My eyes got really big. "Wait mom I was joking "I'm not, get out my car" she smiled and pushed me out She rolled down the window "catch the bus coming home darling" she sped off I looked at the building and huffed "Here goes nothing" I mumbled I had got dirty looks from girls and even dirtier looks from guys. I walked in building, it was nice not too shabby. I saw the office and a lady gave me a paper with my locker number and my schedule. I went to my locker and put my stuff in. I got bumped, I looked up and saw a girl. "Slut" she said and her friends started to giggle "Ha that's what ur dad said to me last night" I made a remark I wasn't going to go like that even though I called myself a slut. Good job Rory. She rolled her eyes and kept it moving and her little dogs followed Great I have a enemy already. I saw eyes on me. I turned and saw a guy. "Yes, papi Stare into my soul I love it" I said with my accent and I giggle "You must don't remember me" he said He have a deep voice and brown eyes with blonde hair. I started at him again and it became clear. IT WAS MY BESTFRIEND. I haven't seen him since 3 years ago and we always kept in contact. I was just texting him last night. I jumped on him and he caught me. "Yay I have a friend" I said while he was still holding me He's pretty tall and strong so I want really heavy. "Ya miss me Mami" he said "Duh fool" Then he dropped me on my ass. Ahh there's my best friend. I closed my locker, got my schedule and picked up my bag. It is now first period, I missed home room. Jay(that's he's name)brought me to the room and said "See you at lunch love" then he was off. I enter the room and all eyes on me so I put on a show. I started to wink and snap point my fingers. I walked in and the teacher even laughed. I twirled over to the teacher. "Class this is Aurora Johnson" "you can call me Rory" my pops gave me that nick name and I liked it The class said hi and she told me to take a seat. The girl that tried to bully me is here, her dogs no where in sight. I kept looking around. Pretty girls here, sport jockeys, cute guys, slut girls and the weed heads. They are my favorite they're so funny and I can relate, I kind of smoke myself. But the last look I took was a boy with a mask on and a big bush. She seemed tall and interesting. I started at him for a second, he looked up and saw me I blushed and looked down. Shit . Shit . Shit . Shit I looked up and he wasn't looking at me anymore whew I heard a guy screamed across the room "I see a lil someone have a crush on Mateo" I turned around to see who said that and I don't have a clue I blushed even more and look at him and I think he was smiling couldn't tell cause of the mask. All class I couldn't stop thinking about him. Ew Rory don't get all icky on the first day Hmm Mateo I might have to be he's friend. Mateo. Mateo. ________________________ Ya fav light skin���� follow and comment see if I can improve More to come ���� sorry if it started off slow ���� Sorry for any mistakes ������
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