New girl


6. Trapped.

Rory pov
We finally get to where we was going. They cover my eyes and mouth. They put me somewhere underground where no one can hear me. They took the things off and just tied me up. 
??: you look so sexy scared and tied up 
Nigga I don't care. I don't even know who you are. I wanna go home 
??#2: are you thirsty or hungry
I looked at him confused. Why is he so nice and they other one is mean. 
I nodded my head to thirst and he gave me some water. The other one pushed him away from me. 
??: what the he'll is wrong with you. Don't be nice it's a weakness
??2: dude she was dehydrated. 
??: oh is she now ? 
He went up to me and started touching me. He touched my boobs and my vagina. I tried to move away but I'm tied up. I'm pretty sure he's going to rape me now. I don't want my virginity taken like this. He licked me from my ear to neck. "Not yet" he told himself. 
Tears started to scream down 
He saw it and licked it up. This nigga on type of nasty shit. 
He grabbed my face and made me open my mouth. "Good girl" he said 
He stuffed he's tongue in my mouth. It felt disgusting. I started to cry even more. He stopped and pulled out he's dick. And slapped it on my face. "Your going to suck it or you will die" he said slapping me with it
He made me open my mouth wide for he's load. He put the tip on my tongue. 
"No teeth" 
He threw he's dick in my mouth and I almost choked I never did this before. He started to moving my head back and forth. I heard him moan. "Ahhh can wait for that tight pussy of yours" he said still pushing my head back and forth.
The door started to open he pulled out of my mouth and put it in he's pants again. I started to cry even more. Why this happening to me. 
Someone came in and it's that girl who threw the slurpee. JADE?!?
Lelgoo pov
I was on Instagram and i saw a thing about a hostage. I was confused I looked at the face and seen it was Rory. What the fuck. Mateo burst in my room and told me everything. I looked at the picture and video again and the location was on dumb mother fuckers. 
We told our mom and she drove us to Tate house for Mel. 
We picked up Mel and told us we had to get jay. I saw Mel and she was crying so hard. Her eyes were so red. 
I don't fuck with him but at this situation I don't care. We just need to save Rory. 
Mateo pov : 
Whoever is doing this is going to die I swear. They going to pay for getting her into this mess. It's my fault. I feel so stupid. I know I barely know the girl and some tears fall I wiped them quick and toughened up. I have to do what I have to do. And this is something I need to do. Can't see myself with out her. 
Mel pov
I called Mateo and lelgoo. They answered. "We're on our way be ready" they was already ahead of the case. "Your not leaving are you" one of her robots asked. 
"Hell to the fuck yea" I said grabbing my purse. My purse have pepper spray and a tazer. So try me bitch. My cousin got fucking kid napped and I need to save her. I looked in the mirror and my eyes was red and tears still coming down. I heard the horn I ran out and fell into lelgoo arms. "We have to pick up jay" I said to them while give him the address. I layed in he's arms while comforting me. I need my cousin. 
Jay pov
I was on my porch chilling. I saw a car pull up. I looked up and saw Mel, Mateo, their mom and lelgoo. 
"Get in the car" Mel yelled at me 
I ran to the car as fast as I could.
Mel eyes was red so I know she was crying. They started to tell me what happened. I got pissed off. Who the hell would even have the guts. I started to shake my leg. I started to cry and I couldn't stop. Lelgoo touch my shoulder and told me everything going to be cool. I respected him for that but right now I need Rory back. 
Rory pov
I watched jade come over to me and slapped me. I don't even know what for. Then she said it. 
"This is for talking to my Tator" she spat on me and started to choke me. 
I couldn't breathe and tears was coming out. I almost blacked out but she stopped. She punched me in my ribs over and over. She trying to break them. She out on brass knuckles and punched me in my ribs then face. I sat there gushing in blood. She repeatedly kept doing this. I had scratches and bruises everywhere. I blacked out but I still heard the hits in my head. Over and over and over and over and over again. I should've listen to jay when he said what he said about Mateo.........

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