New girl


5. kiddnaping

Rory pov:
We arrived at the house. It was big asf yoo. We rung the door bell and a maid go it. They have a maid. 
"You too must be the sitters" 
We both nodded and she showed us to the room. We reached the top of the stairs finally.So beautiful couldn't believe my eyes. Why the hell they work at the school. I Walked pass one door and it was a boy he looked bout 14. He got up fast "what's cooking good looking" 
"Too old for you baby boy, me and her your babysitters" I said 
I heard a loud scream "what we have to have sitters when we old enough to watch ourselves" the girl came out her room
"Ignore her she's overdramatic" he said with assurance
I nodded and made my way downstairs. I saw her Tate, clones and nissa. Ew everyone I hate in a same room. I went in the kitchen to get me some water. I heard someone foot steps but I didn't mind it. I felt someone hands grab me and held me down I tried to scream but nothing happened
I muffled over their hand 
???: shut the hell up. 
They took me to the back door and led me into a van. I tried to fight but wasn't working. I started to cry,can someone help me. 
They layed me on my back I saw two boys but had a face mask on. They started to drive off. I watched the house go by while my warm tears streamed down my face. 
?? : call Mateo now 
-phone call with Mateo - 
Teo; hello ? 
??: we got your girl,nigga better come save her 
Teo: Rory ? 
They held the phone to my face. "Mateo help me please. I'm scared." They snatch the phone from me 
Teo: don't hurt her. What you want. 
??? : what you stole from us nigga
He hung up the looked at me and licked he's lips "you look yummy" 
Omg he's going to rape me and kill me
He started to lick certain knives 
I'm crying my eyes out someone help me please. 
Mateo p.o.v
We was playing basketball after the girls left us. These two dudes bet their whole shoes closet and their bank. Bet that was dumb
Me and ayoo went to work and beat them 
29- 6 we won 
We went inside their house and took they're shoes and money then went home they was mad but I don't give af. 
We walking off and "they said we going to pay" still walking off we didn't care 
----10 min later------ 
We in the house chillin and I got a phone call. 
"We got your nigga girl come save her" 
I started to get nervous 
Mel pov: 
I can't find her any where. Where the hell she go. I went down stairs in the kitchen and saw the back door open and everything spilled. I screamed. Everyone ran in here. 
"What the hell" Tate asked 
"SOMEONE TOOK MY COUSIN!" I said and dropped to the floor in tears 
I should've kept my eyes on her 
Please don't let nothing bad happen to her 
Hey guys. 😱😱 I know right I wonder what they going to do 😞😊 I know this chapter was kind of messy please forgive me 🙏🏼
I'm trying to make the story more interesting. So please bare with me. 
Any errors in story please ignore my mistake I go over it after. 
Please leave comments. Follow. Fav it. Let me know if I should continue because I'm having doubt now because no one is telling me anything. But please communicate thanks. 
Love you guys 
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