If Trump Won

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  • Published: 23 Sep 2016
  • Updated: 9 Nov 2016
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These are my predictions about what would happen if Trump were to be put into power. They may be extreme, but I don't think they're far from reality.


2. Well, well folks...

It happened. Trump won. He made it into the White House. Of course you know this, I don't need to reiterate it over and over. But what is Trump going to do in the first few months of his first term? Well... They're not good things.

Illegal Immigrants:
His first step is to remove the "two million criminal, illegal immigrants" from America. How will he do this? No one really knows. But who's going to take these illegal immigrants? Europe? Asia? Africa? Canada? South America? All of them? No one knows! This is the trouble that Trump will have. How on earth will he get these people out of the country? He doesn't even bloody know! Those immigrants may indeed may not pay taxes, but Trump has made people hate them because they are "stealing" American's jobs. Yeah! Jobs that no normal American wants to do, like sewage workers and cleaners! 

Repeals Against Obama:
Oh yeah. All that Obama has done will be gone. Wiped. Evaporated. Gay marriage? Out the window. Gun restrictions? Vanish. Further protections for women on domestic violence and sexual assault crimes? Poof. Obama made so much progress for America! We were getting somewhere in the world! On the road to making it a better place! "Nope." says Trump, as he rips apart all of Obama's paperwork. 

Cancellation of all payments to UN climate change programmes: 
I am not at all kidding. The money that goes into the UN to try and prevent climate change will cease. The Paris Agreement that said "Okay guys, we need to get our brains in gear. Climate change is gunna kill us all." and everyone agreed! Hence it was called an agreement. Trump aims to just say "Thanks, but no. Now quit bugging me, I have a wall to build." We've all heard about Trump believing that climate change is just a "Chinese Hoax" well now, he is determined to prove his ignorance... Speaking of China!

Label China a currency manipulator:
You think this time I am joking? That I am having, what the children call, a "giggle"? Well I'm afraid to say you're wrong. Trump wants to label China as a currency manipulator by signing an official document. Now this won't do much aside from annoy China, but... why? Why would you do something as stupid as that, just so that you can... I don't know! What is his intention of performing this?! 

These are just some of the things he wants to do right off the starting line. He's a mad man. He's an atrocity. If you're pleased for Trump getting into power, then I am sorry, but you deserve this maltreatment he will bring to you and your country. You can only blame yourselves. For those of you who didn't want Trump, I support you and you tried your best (that is if you voted). 

I implore you to watch the video I attached to this Movella. It's honesty in all the write ways.

Bravo America. And bravo Trump. May you rule America well...  

- Aldrin

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