If Trump Won

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  • Published: 23 Sep 2016
  • Updated: 9 Nov 2016
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These are my predictions about what would happen if Trump were to be put into power. They may be extreme, but I don't think they're far from reality.


1. My own Predictions

What would happen... if Donald Trump won. On November, the polls come in, and it's 57% to 43% to Trump. What would happen? These are my ideas as to what could happen. I do say "could" happen, because it might not, but its possible. 


So we all know of his plan to build this famous wall. The wall that will keep out of these filthy Mexicans from developing the economy in America, and all of them selling drugs and raping INNOCENT AMERICAN CITIZENS! Oh, how he must keep them out! However, he says that Mexico shall pay for it (which will be millions upon billions that Mexico does not physically have!) when they have already said that they will NOT pay. What will happen... when the wall is built and Mexico refuses to pay? No, not even that! When Mexico PHYSICALLY cannot pay it? What will happen...? 

Well, my hope is that Trump will not enforce anything on Mexico and the American people will lose hope in him and he'll be gone in the next election. Yay! However... my fear is that he will use force after this stage. Trump is a very radical man, and he must know America spends a lot of its money on its military. The American Army marching on Mexico, like the French did with Germany when Germany wouldn't pay its "debt" to France, Britain and Russia after World War I in the Treaty of Versallies. The Americans take Mexican resources, money, and land with brute military force to pay for this wall. Terrifying... With this, the UN would be scrapped. The other members would just let America go and without America, the UN will cease to exist. A new alliance will be made, with maybe Europe paired with some Asian countries like China, Japan and India, all because Trump couldn't keep his weapons to himself. Most of Europe and Asia have too much invested in America to go to war with it because of this... I hope...


Now many people compare Trump to Hitler, for good reason. This reason. Hitler despised Jews because he believed they "fed" off of the German economy and blamed them for German's loss in World War I. Trump Blames Muslims for all sorts of things; not just extremist Muslims, he blames ALL Muslims. It is obvious that should Trump win, Muslims will be banned from entering America, but my main concern is what the hell will happen to the current Muslims in America right now. 

No, I do not think we will have a second Holocaust but with Muslims. That is far too radical for this day-and-age. However, what I do think will happen is that these poor Muslims will be forced out and will become refugees; like we don't have one of those crises already. That, or if Trump finds it too difficult to do this like Hitler did, Muslims will become second class citizens. Poor sanitation, slums to live in and treated like dirt by other Americans. Like how they treated African Americans before the 1960's. This will be all Muslims, and will give more fuel and cause to the terrorist organisations like ISIS. ISIS needing another call to arms is a horrible thought... 

The Second Amendment:

Oh boy... This is already an issue. Trump, I feel, will make it more so. I can forsee a lot of current gun laws in states just... *poof* vanishing before your very eyes. Some, but few, states in America say you need a State Permit to just purchase a rifle, like Illinois and Connecticut. Those will disappear. Trump will want to loosen gun laws, and that most likely means more public shootings. Guns will continue to be treated like toys and innocent people will die again and again and again. 

Nuclear Weapons:

He's not ruling out nuking the Middle East. Or nuking anything, really. I have nothing else to say on this matter because it doesn't need to be anymore emphasized how scary that idea is.

All in all folks... it's not looking good. Please, Americans, if you are reading this and you are eligible to vote, please... please do. Vote against Trump. The world is watching... Please vote. It'll be the most important of your lives. 

I'm Aldrin, and remember America, 6.7 billion people are watching you. 
There is a reason this book is in the Thriller & Horror Genre.

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