Devils Kiss

Sara Knight has dedicated her entire life to the Knighthood, and all that is finally going to pay off, she is about to become a Knight, just as new boy moves in next door and traps Sara in a world wind romance making her question everything. But well Sara is busy worrying about boys and monsters a war is brewing and her love is going to be right in the cross storm unless she can let him go and become the Knight she was destined to be. Still in the writing Process so I will edit it and make it better later and if you have any tips for me on how to make it better I would appreciate it... Also I didn't mark this as mature but it does have some swears and a bit of violence (none so far but there will be later on not intense or gorey violence) if that's a problem for you I'm warning you now I just didn't think it was mature worthy...


6. Dreams

Chapter 6


Zac shakes me awake, I’m sweating and can’t breathe.

As I catch my breath I am attacked with worried questions from Zac.

​“What was that? Are you okay? Do you need me to get someone? Do you need anything? What happened? Are you okay?” he asks.

​“I’m fine,” I try to convince him, I smile, “really I’m okay, just a bad dream I guess,” I say.

​“The one about your mom?” he asks.

​“No. Really Zac I’m fine I just need some water,” I say.

​Zac gets up and runs out of the room to get me some water.

“Zac!” I yell.

Zac looks back at me concerned.

“Crutches,” I say, “you really shouldn’t be walking on your cast.”

Zac grabs his crutches and hobbles out of the room and I crash back down onto the bed. I can’t remember what the dream was about, if I’m dreaming about her again. No those were always, so sad, sure I was also afraid, of course I was afraid, but I was mostly just sad when I dreamt about her, this wasn’t that, I don’t feel sad I just feel, terrified. A Knight should never be afraid.

​“Here,” Zac says shoving a glass of water in my face as soon as he returns.

​“Thanks,” I say.

​“You scared me,” he says.

​“I’m sorry.”

​“I thought you were dying.”

​“I’m sorry.”

​“What was that?” he asks.

​I smile him, “I don’t know, but it’s no big deal, I’ll be fine,” I say.

​“Are you sure?” he asks.

​I nod then stand up, “now I’m going to go take a shower, why don’t we go on a, Sunday walk?” I ask pretending like everything is fine but he doesn’t look convinced, “take our minds off things and you know give us some, us time,” I say.

​Zac smiles then pulls me in for a kiss, “okay, but take your time, I need a lot of time any ways to figure out this stupid cast,” he says.

​I nod.

​“So I was running for my life you know. There was one guy in front of me and one guy behind me and we were just running as fast as we could, then we turned around a corner and this guy was there. We couldn’t really see him but I knew, I knew he was the same immortal that killed my men back at the base. I wanted to run him through or run away but I couldn’t do either my feet just stopped moving but the rest of me didn’t stop so I fell onto the ground. This guy he grabbed Jonah and ripped him open,” Zac looks down for a moment, then gets back into his story, “He was so powerful that even when he was distracted I couldn’t even close my eyes. He kept me completely still with some invisible force more powerful than anything I’ve ever felt. After he was done with Jonah, he threw me against the wall, and we were in a construction zone so when he did that a piece of pipe went through my side,” Zac lifts up his shirt to show me his bandaging then puts it back down, “He started laughing like a maniac then told me somethings that make me sick still,” he tells me well we sit in the coffee shop.

​“Like what?” I ask hanging onto his every word.

​“He knew who I was, who my father was, and, he knew about you,” he says.

​I stare at him in shock and disbelief, “Me?” I’m not even a Knight yet.

​“But don’t worry I’m going to get this bastard, you know that, right?” he asks.

​I nod as I look around still in shock. Then something that shocks me even more. I see Jacob and my old friend Chloe walk into the coffee shop. Shit. I put my head down and hope they don’t see me, but it’s no use.

​“Sara?” Chloe asks.

​I pop my head up and wave as I nervously smile, “Hi,” I mumble.

​Chloe screams and hugs me.

​ “Its’ been so long!” she screams.

I lightly push her off me.

​“Yeah it has,” I say.

​“Hey Sara,” Jacob says.

​“Hey,” I acknowledge hoping Zac doesn’t notice anything and that Jacob doesn’t say anything to stupid.

​ Chloe laughs, “And Zac, how are you I haven’t seen you in a while as well.”

​“I just got back into town,” he says.

​“Oh really, well where were you?” Chloe asks.

​“Chicago,” Zac says.

​Jacob laughs into my ear leaning in close to whisper to me, “why don’t we give them a little alone time,” he says holding his hand out to me, “besides if you come right now I might get you a cookie,” he says.

​I laugh and take his hand and immediately when I do my whole arm tingles like it’s just been awoken.

​“So who was that?” Jacob asks after ordering.

​“An old family friend,” I tell him.

​“So I don’t need to be jealous or fight him to the death for your honor or anything right?” he asks.

​I shake my head and laugh.

​“Good. Not that I don’t want to fight for you, but that guy looks like he could take out a pack of lions. Besides I’m a pacifist at my core,” he says.

​We talk as we walk back to the table. Chloe is laughing at something stupid but Zac looks so sad.

​“We’re back!” Jacob says.

​“Oh good the beautiful couple has returned,” Zac says glaring at me.

​“Zac,” I try to apologize but what can I say right now.

​“Its fine I just didn’t know you had a boyfriend,” Zac sarcastically states.

​I glare at him, “oh yeah like you never had girlfriends,” I accuse.

​“You know how I feel,” he says.

​“And you know how I feel,” I yell.

​Zac looks so sad, I don’t know why I said that.

​I sigh, “Don’t tell Abraham.”

​“I won’t,” he seethes then storms out.

​I run my hands through my hair and breath trying to let out the steam.

“Oh right the family no dating rule, I hope I didn’t get you in trouble,” Jacob says.

I glare at Chloe, “What did you say to him?” I ask.

​“I just told him Jacob and I were here to find a cute way for him to ask you to homecoming,” she says.

​Jacob opens his eyes wide, as he tries to shush her.

​“Still can’t keep your mouth shut I see,” I say then storm out of the coffee shop.

​“Zac!” I yell when I get back to my house, “Zac!” I yell again.

​Matthew pops his head out of his door.

​Zac comes into the hallway and stares at me, “Sorry I exploded, it’s just, you don’t know how much this hurts me,” he says.

​“I, I’m sorry,” I whisper.

​“Do you love him?” Zac asks.

​“Excuse me?”

​“Do you love him?”

​“No of course not, you know I only love the Knighthood,” I say.

​“Does he make you happy?” Zac asks.


​“Don’t you dare lie to me,” he warns.

​“Of course not,” I lie.

​“Liar,” Zac says then turns to leave.

​“Zac wait,” I call but he doesn’t stop, “Zac please,” I beg.

​Zac stops but doesn’t turn back to me, “the deal could always be made another way,” he whispers.

​This makes red with rage, “That’s bullshit and you know it, your father would never agree to anything with the Knighthood unless he thinks that we’re in love,” I yell.

​“But we aren’t in love!” Zac yells turning back to me.

​“It doesn’t matter Zac, this is what we have to do,” I say.

​“But I can’t do this anymore!” he yells and starts walking right up to me, “I was okay before. I knew that you could never love me back, but I was okay with that. Hell for a while I thought you could never love anyone, but now, I saw you two, you love him, and I can’t live with that,” he says.

​I stare at him at his face turning dark red.

​Zac gets right in my face and whispers, “Why did I have to fall so deeply in love with such a shallow monster?”

​My eyes blur and I’m lifeless for a moment until I notice Zac turn away from me again.

​“Zac,” I whisper.

​Zac spins around and punches the wall behind me shattering it.

​Before either of us realize it Matthew has run down the stair and tackled Zac to the ground.

Matthew raises his fist to hit Zac, and from the look of Zac’s face it’s not the first time. I must have spaced out. I put a hand on Matthews arm. He looks up at me and I shake my head, no more.

​I go up to my room and listen Zac’s wails as I let the tears silently stream down my face until I fall asleep.

He comes up to me, smiling. He holds up a knife, as he smiles evilly at me, he changes his face to look like Zac’s, so I have to stare back at him as he cuts into me. Watch as Zac hurts me, saying he’s hurting me the way I hurt him. And when I scream out “Why?” he simply responds, “This is what we do to monsters,” then cuts into my flesh again and again.

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