Sold Slave

This story is about a girl in the wrong place at the wrong time and she gets kiddnaped and sold to a gang and becomes a sex slave. See if she escapes or dose she.


4. Scream part 2 (rated R page)

Alice P.O.V

He smacked me once more. "I said scream!" He shouted. Instead I let out a fake moan. "Yea good girl." It hurt me so bad, he was going to hard and fast. Then I felt something come out of me. "Look your bleeding, I didn't know you were a virgin." He laughed. I started to cry because it hurt and I lost my virginity to a rapist. Then he stopped. I knew it wasn't over  yet. "You ready for the fun part." He said smiling. "Go to hell." I said spitting on him. Then he rushed his dick into my mouth. I counldnt speak, and I know he would push it all the way down so before he did I bit his dick so hard hopen That he would move it out of my mouth. "You stupid Bitch!" He said yelling. He took his dick out and smacked me with it. It hurt worse than him slapping me with his hand. Then he walked out the room. This was the time I could look around. So I look and saw a dagger but I couldn't reach it. I started thinking about how stupid I was to be out at night in that area. I cried once more hopen he wouldn't come back. Then the door opened but this time it was a woman. "This better not be what I think your gonna do." I Said. "No no, I would never hurt you. My name is Vanessa." She said in a calm voice. "I-I'm Alice." I said. "Well nice to meet you." She took the dagger and cut the ropes while I watch her every move. I was finally free then she handed me some clothing. "He put these on. It will keep you warm." She smiled. "Thanks." I put on the clothing the she took me into another room with a small bed a tv and paper and a pencil. "You will get food three times a day." She said walking out. "Wait!" "Yes?" "What are you?" "I cook and clean" she said with a sad mood. She walked out and locked the door. I had a window but it had bars on it and it looked like I was miles away from home. It looked like this was the only

house around here. I was sick at the filling I would never escape.







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