Sold Slave

This story is about a girl in the wrong place at the wrong time and she gets kiddnaped and sold to a gang and becomes a sex slave. See if she escapes or dose she.


10. Let me go

Alice P.O.V.

I got to his house a little after I was sold. He had a nicer home. It had stairs and lots of rooms. He also had nice funiture. "Hey umm you can choose a room upstairs." He said rubbing the back of his head. So I walked upstairs and tried to open a door but it was locked. I was puzzled. Why should I chose a room if he's gonna let me go? Or is he even going to let me go?! I looked for a room still and found one that just felt like home for some reason, I don't know why. I walked back down stairs and found him in the bathroom bown stairs. The door was open so I just walked in anyway. He was checking the running water to see if it was hot enough with a towel and a t-shirt and pants. "Hey I chose my room." I said softy. "Oh ok I'll fix dinner for ya. Here you can take a shower." He said handing me the stuff and soap. "Ok." I said. He walked out and closed the door. I took off my clothing being carful I didn't touch my bruises. "Shit!" I said out loud when I touch my bruise on my stomach. "You ok?" I herd Trent say. "I'm fine." I replied. I took the rest of my clothing off. Then I got in the shower. It was warm, and it stung when the warm water touch my fragile skin. I got out the shower after about 45min. and I put on my clothes and walked out the bathroom with my dirty towel and clothes. "There is a hamper in the bathroom by the door just put if in there." Trent said. I walked back in the bathroom and put the things in the hamper. Then walked out and sat at the table. Then he brought food. It was spaghetti. It remind me of home I teared up at the though and he look at me shocked. "A-Are you ok?" "Just let me go!" I yelled crying.


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