Sold Slave

This story is about a girl in the wrong place at the wrong time and she gets kiddnaped and sold to a gang and becomes a sex slave. See if she escapes or dose she.


12. Do you--

Trent P.O.V

"Shit! Hide!" I said to Alice. She ran upstairs. But I knew she could still hear the convo. "Hey Trent, I herd you bought a new slave." Zane said. Zane is a friend of mine but I never agreed to do the thing he dose. "Yea what about it?" "Let me take a look at her." The Zane said. "No she's not for sell." I said angry. "Look, I don't want her I just wanna she if she's worth buying. I mean you did buy her right?" He said. "Fine but only for a little, because I'm horny." I said as an excuse for him to hurry. "Ok ok it will be quick." After I said that I called Alice down here." "Yes sir." She said look down. Thank god she did that, because if she was rude I would have to hit her infrount of Zane. "Alright little lady turn around for papa." Alice looked at me like I was selling her. "Yes sir" she said turning around. "Alright, Trent you sure you don't want me to take her for ya." Zane said with a pervert smile. "Yea Zane I'm cool." "Ok I'll leave to take care of your horny business." Zane said walking out. Then I closed the door and lock it." "Your horny business?! What dose that mean!" She said yelling at me. "Look I was just showing that  I make the rules." I said. She was quite. "I can't leave." She said sadly. I didn't say anything. "Can I ask you something." She asked. "Yea, sure anything." I said pleasing her. "Do you--

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