Sold Slave

This story is about a girl in the wrong place at the wrong time and she gets kiddnaped and sold to a gang and becomes a sex slave. See if she escapes or dose she.


9. A new owner

Alice P.O.V

"Sure I'll umm what your name?" He said "it's Alice.......what's yours?" I replied.      " It's Trent" "oh" I looked at him thinking him every sec. "have you ever raped a girl before?" "Nope never." "We'll have you ever had sex before?" "Wow forward much. And yes I have. Have you?" I started to tear up. "I lost it to the man." "The man? Do you mean David?" "I don't know his fucking name but he can just die 1000 times and go to hell for all I care!" "Sorry I shouldn't have asked." "No it's my fault I was asking you first." Then the door opened. And David(the man) walked in and started to talk. "Hey Trent you had fun." He laughed. "Yea." Trent replied. "You can have her, I mean if you want." My eyes widen. I knew if he took me he would probably let me go.  "Sure man I'll take her off your hands for you." "Ok." Just like that I was sold agin. 


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