Sold Slave

This story is about a girl in the wrong place at the wrong time and she gets kiddnaped and sold to a gang and becomes a sex slave. See if she escapes or dose she.


5. Break the bars

Alice P.O.V

As soon as she left I looked around trying to find something to start cutting the bars. I know there were medal but I could shave the bars everyday to be closer the freedom. I look around and find a piece of glass and start sawing. I saw for about 2 hours then the door unlocks and I drop the glass and look out the window. The he walks in with a belt. I look at him in a scared way as if I was about to die. "You little Bitch, you bit my dick!" He said madly. "I-I'm s-so s-sorry..." I said shaking. "Sorry don't cut it!" He held his belt as if he was going to hit me with the buckle. And he did he hit me in the head, back, legs, stomach and face. Then he put the belt brown after hitting me a lot of times with it and then he punches me in the face 20 times over and over agin. *Crys* "please stop please stop." "Shut up *punch* Bitch *punch*." Then he stopped. He Walked out and lock the door with the belt in his hand. I touched my face carefully because it burned when I touched it. It was blood. I had to get out. I start sawing agin while I cry in pain. I cut for about 2 hours and it started to get dark. I was tired but I had to keep going. When I broke the middle bar the sun was coming out. I was skinny enough to squeeze threw but I didn't wanna leave Vanessa.


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