The Mansion

Sort of a game show type thing so it might be ongoing tell me if you have any ideas for characters you want to see i`ll add in the ones i like ASAP!


1. Introduction to characters!

We have 5 guests joining us here at The Mansion and the first one is coming now!

A young girl apearse with black hair over her right eye and her left eye is definitely blue when she reaches the door she cautiously opens it then walks inside a butler with a mask bows and says"Hello Miss what is your name?"

"I-it`s Luna, Luna Nightshade." Hmm this is a shy one should be scared easily Butler 1 send her to room 2C please.

"Follow me Miss Nightshade." He starts walking and Luna follows.

"Umm Luna i-is fine."

"Sorry Miss Nightshade but your first name must be a secret from the rest of the guests for now.'

"Oh ok." They reach room 2C

"This will be your room Miss Nightshade."

"Ok t-thank you!" The Butler laughs and Luna walks into her room it`s mostly a night sky blue and full of moons and stars there is a Luna Nightshade doll on the bed Luna picks it up and plays with is a little. She likes the doll thats good. Oh! another guest is coming! It`s a guy this one is short and has brown hair and green eyes and freckles he also has a notebook in his hand. He approaches the door and opens it then walks inside then a different Butler walks in this one is only a little taller then the young man and has a different mask."Hello Mr what would be your name?"

"My name is Josh Leadworks!" Wow what a name Butler 2 send him to room 2B!

"Follow me Mr Leadworks." They walk all the way to the room while Josh writes in his note book when they get to the room Josh is not paying attention so the Butler pushes him into the room and closes the door Josh then realizes he is in his room it`s yellow and white with alot of pencils crayons and books and of course a little Josh Leadworks doll he stares at the doll strangely in the note book words read "Don`t tell people your first name!" Josh nods. Luna is laying on her bed doll in hand and stares at her star ceiling it also has a single moon on it. Ok time to introduce our next guest! It`s a girl she has long blue hair blue eyes and is wearing a hoodie and jeans also flip-flops she`s holding a book hmm wait is that a dictionary?! Umm ok. The girl walks right in with zero emotion when a maid appears she is also wearing a mask she is startled by the girls height(witch is very short) but talks to her like an adult none the less. "Hello Miss what is your name?"

" Hope Stifley." Maid 1 take her to room 2A!

"Come with me Miss Stifley." ...

"Y-you con`t tell your first name to the other guests ok?"

"Ok" After some silence they make it to her room she enters without question and closes the door the room is silver and full of all kinds of books and her own Hope Stifley doll! Josh is writing in his notebook and Luna has fallen asleep and Hope has started reading her dictionary completely ignoring the doll. A new guest is coming she is fairly tall with long curly blond hair and blue eyes she is wearing a pink designer top and skinny jeans she walks in with style to be greeted by a Maid who says "Hello Miss what is your name?"

"It`s Mackenzie Richmond are you like my personal maid or something?"

"Umm no Miss Richmond I work for Mistress Acher (ache-er)"

"Whats with that Miss Richmond thing then?!"

" You are not aloud to revile your first name to any of the other guests yet."

She sighs "Whatever just take me to my room already!" Wow rude Maid 2 take her to room 2D!

 "Of course right this way Miss Richmond." As they`re walking Mackenzie goes on and on about how rich she is and popular she is then they finally reach her room where she enters then looks around her room is pink and sparkly it also has a ton of makeup and a Mackenzie Richmond doll. Hope is almost done reading her dictionary Josh is done writing in his notebook Luna is still asleep and Mackenzie is exploring the makeup and dosen`t even see the doll. Our last guest is coming up he has brown hair and blue eyes he is wearing a football jersey without the padding and jeans with tennis shoes and he`s holding a football and is pretty buff. He is greeted once again by a Butler who is slightly shorter than him he says  "Hello Mr what is your name?"


"Mr Sportington please do not yell your name the others can not know your first name."

"OK!" Butler 3 take him to room 2E.

"Come with me to your room and please don`t yell in general."

"Ugh fine" They walk to the room Greg sulking all the way then he enters his room witch is orange and navy blue with many posters and sports videos and of course a Greg Sportington doll! Mackenzie is testing to see if her bed is soft enough Hope is looking for a new book to read Josh is pacing back and forth Luna is waking up and Greg is flexing in the mirror of his bathroom.



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