Kankri X Mituna

Happy Birthday Mituna!!!!!!


1. Part One

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY MUSIC TWIN!!!! You are awesome. Also special thanks to Kanny for helping me (especially by rping as Tuna cause I can not XD) cause this is my first yaoi fanfic XD so it was not easy at all. Totally worth it though ^u^

Anyways, as usual I do not own any rights to Homestuck or any of the characters. I also do not own the rp idea (its too awesome to be me XD). Homestuck (and our souls) belong to Andrew Hussie. Enjoy and Happy Birthday ^u^


Mituna grunted and rubbed his head as his bony booty hit the concrete. His helmet, that was unbuckled due to his poofy hair, flung off and bounced a couple times before stopping. The large Ampora pressed his foot to the smaller Captors chest, forcing him completely down to the ground. " VWhat did you say, retard?"

Kankri was out for a lovely walk when he noticed the sea dweller and the mustard blood on the floor. Well he won't walk away from this and heads towards them.

" I-I called you a thupid mermaid!!" Mituna grunted again. Cronus dug his heel into the mustard bloods chest, earning a pained whine from Tuna.

" Excuse me." Kankri narrows his eyes slightly, speaking up to Cronus. He was never one to be afraid to speak his mind.

Cronus looked at Kankri, foot still on Mituna's chest. " VWhat do you vwant, douche?" Mituna whimpered.

" First of all it is very triggering to insult someone you have just met. May I also add some people could find the lack of a proper greeting problematic as well. Now before I continue on, I will bring our attention to the... 'activity' you are currently doing. It is highly triggering and I must ask you to please step back."

" VWhat makes you think I should listen to you PUNK!" Cronus cracked his knuckles. Mituna burst into tears and tried getting loose.

" Because if not then I will have to make you myself. I'd rather avoid any trouble. #possible physical contact #triggeringbehavior."

Cronus growled and held out his fists, not backing down from a fight... well.... even though he's lost every fight. Mituna continues to thrash and yell.

" Very well then, my apologies for what I am about to do." He musters enough strength to push Cronus off of Mituna. It's at this point he remembers the difference in strentgh between low and high bloods.

Luckily Cronus was a wimp... He would talk shit and say he would fight, but then he would back down once touched. He raised his hands defensively and took a few steps back. Tuna scrambled to his feet and zipped behind Kankri.

" Now please walk away before anymore unnecessary behavior is used."

Cronus growled and ran away quickly. Mituna seemed astonished. " WOAH!! You actually chathed him away?!!?"

Kanny sighs in relief, then chuckles lightly, " Yes I havem and are you okay?" Turns around to get a better look at Mituna.

Tuna sniffles and wipes some snot from his nose before nodding rapidly. " Yeth!! I'm good."

Nods, " Are you hurting badly anywhere?"

" Hmm.... jutht my bum!" He began to laugh and snort.

He couldn't help but laugh as well, then stops when he realizes something. " Oh how very rude of me. My apologies for not yet introducing myself. My name is Kankri."

" I think that maketh me rude ath well then... I'm Mituna Captor!" He gives a toothy grin, grabbing Kankri's wrist then raising it up to high five it.

He pulls his wrist away, " For future reference, please tag your triggers. Also it is very nice to meet you Mr. Captor. I just wish we could have met under better circumstances."

" Itths cool! I'll forget by morning." He chuckled and picked up his helmet.

Nods, a small smile on his face, " Well if you are alright now, I shall take my leave."

Mituna frowned and grabbed Kankri's wrist, " Please don't go yet!!!"

Jumps slightly, " Very well I will stay a bit longer... and umm, could you please let go of my wrist? I don't take to physical contact very well."

Mituna let go, " Thorry." He looked down and shifted nervously.

He offers a kind smile to help maintain a calm atmosphere, " It's perfectly fine, no need for apologies."

Tuna nodded and smiled again, moods shifting crazily. " Kay!! Do you... wanna go thomewhere to like... chill?"

Notices the sudden changes in behavior, assuming he is bipolar, but of course keeping that thought to himself. " Yes, 'chilling' sounds like a great idea. What place do you have in mind?"

" Doethnt matter to me. You pick." He nudged Kankri with his elbow slightly.

Let's him while he thinks for a moment, " Well I find the library to be quite a nice place to spend time at."

Tuna sticks his tongue out, " Thounds boring. OH OH I KNOW! Let'th go to the park, I can thhow you thome of my awethome moveth!"

Kankri sighs, the park is nice, but he really likes the library. Oh well, it couldn't hurt. " Very well then, let us head over to the park then."

" YETH!!" Grabs his skateboard and walks along side Kankri to the park. They talk the whole way there, and Mituna did show off some radical moves... then was taken care of by Kanny... bad wipeout. Anyways, come sunset Kanrki bids him farewell, but not without Tuna borrowing a pen and writing his phone on Kanrki's hand first. Both had an interesting day, and both are quite happy with the cute friend they made today.

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