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1. Depressed

Nikki's POV

I get up and my mum is cooking breakfast because I can smell it from my room upstairs and I live with my mum I get up and see mum and say "Morning mum,"

"Morning sweetheart, how are you?"

"I'm okay I guess," I apparently haven't been myself after my father pass away from a heart attack a couple of month ago but mum hasn't been herself either and I say "Are you okay?"

"Yes I have the day off today maybe we could go shopping?"

"Sure, I need new jeans and shoes anyway," We eat breakfast together and then I go have a shower and mum and I go to the shopping mall to buy new clothes then I see Meagan with Maddison and Kara since kindergarten Meagan and I have been friends but since she started hang out with Maddison and Kara we haven't seen much of each other because she is either too busy with Maddison and Kara or her boyfriend Toby to talk to me but I don't care about her anymore because she hates me now, mum and I walk into a shoe shop and I look at a pair of purple and black Nike sneakers and I say "Mum can I have this?"

"What about your other ones,"

"They have holes in them that why I don't wear them now,"

"You could of said something earlier honey,"

"Thanks mum," Mum buys a couple of high heels and my Nikes and we go have lunch at Brodie's café in town and I see Heather a girl that goes to my school and I talk to her for a bit and I found out that she is going to a 5SOS concert next weekend and I am so jealous of her but she said she has a spare ticket and you can go backstage,  BACKSTAGE! she was taking her sister Lilly but she cancelled her and she is stuck in what to do now and then she says "Do you want to come with me?"

"Omg yes Thank you!" for a minute there I forgot that I was in a café but who cares when you get the chance to meet your favourite band I hug really tight and I am so happy she asked me!



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