Holding the Throne

In a distant alternate universe, a society depicts class and authority based on the strength and influence someone has inside of The Simulation.


1. Chapter 1

"Initiating statistic overdrive check. Lucas Winthrop, an under citizen, with little to no influence. Estimated survival time, sixty seconds."

The simulation murmured about how unlikely I was to live, and how pathetic I was. Well, that's just great. I just love being even more nervous going into the simulation. If I survive, it is luck. I'm going in without any renown or wealth behind my back, so I am most likely to die within the sixty second range.

The simulation was the core to our system, the heart and source of exchange and functionality. If you wanted to feed your family, it was probably through the simulation. The simulation would pay for your achievements inside. Why do achievements matter in the sim? Well, it is the biggest entertainment broadcast  in the world.

With constant action, and overflowing drama and backstory, people put their lives on the risk to feed their families. If that means innovating the next greatest weapon in the sim, or massacring the entire enemy force, it would be done.

The government could only work around this system due to severe overpopulation. The birth rate is still way higher than the death rate, even with the sim.

The sim gave you a random luck amount before entering into the generated world. They call the sim world, Uchora, a world of the real and the unreal.

A display appeared before me, "Your luck is currently, unknown." This was the first time I had ever seen something this weird. Not only was my luck unknown, but usually it ranged around from the negatives, to the fifties. Then, you had the kings of the sim world, also known as Uchora, who have high caliber luck that made them kings and queens. 

"Lucas Winthrop, seventeen, five foot eleven, one-hundred and fifty-seven pounds, brunette, physically weak, mentally above average, aspires to be the Throne Master of Uchora." 

The system had finally completed its analysis of me. Throne Master of Uchora, was definitely a hefty title I had though about, but I knew I would die today. Most likely by squirming in a puddle of mud and drowning, or stepping on a rusty nail and dying of tetanus, or maybe even a panic attack, yes that's the one. 

I entered the sim because my family needed me more than ever, we are in complete poverty, and it is my duty to either run away from that, or face it and beat it.

My little sister, Mia, was going to die if I couldn't get her the food she needed, and my parents are in dire need as well. 

I know that once I enter the sim, I can not come out for at least a year, those are the rules.

What was strange about all of this, was the way I entered Uchora. Somehow, they connected me to these machines, and sunk me about five feet underground, with oxygen ventilation. They also connected me to a cheap medicine tap that slows the metabolism rate down to a near complete stop.

Once underground, I experienced something called, transfusive equilibrium, a state of mind that connects me with the digital world of Uchora. A blue gel of unknown substance to the public makes all of this possible, through tubing to the brain of course. 

If I die in Uchora, my brain will perceive that I am dead, like a trick, but not a trick, because as soon as the brain decides it is dead, is the moment the blue gel becomes an intoxicated hazardous, corrosive chemical that rots people out in the real world.

Well, I guess I've pondered on the sensitive subjects enough, I guess we should start. I looked at the green start button that laminated the dark intermediate between the two worlds, above it was a predicted life timer, "Sixty seconds."

"Well, I'll prove you wrong buddy." I said, chuckling at my own nervous thoughts. 

Tapping the start button, the dark room completely faded out into a blistering open battlefield.

"Holy..." My voice trailed off. What was this?

What I witnessed was something completely different on the inside, an immersive world, of chaos and brutality that shifted among the grasped dirt, and uprooted trees. 

There were flying vehicles chasing each other and shooting one another down, and people were being incinerated left and right by a mechanized robot. I didn't realize it would be this innovative.

A ding sound blasts from behind me, "Don't move, or I'll kill you!" A girl's voice emerged. 

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