Dead War


4. Trip through Berlin

​We make it to Berlin and enter through the barbed wire fence. We find many wrecked tanks strewn about burning still with holes punched into the steel and then men still in their places. Fratnz, Adolf and Ferdinand give the dead crews a salute as we pass by the charred Panthers and Panzer IV's so I join and salute them as a British man would. As we reach the Reichstag everyone can see the charred stone that was once where the government sat to pass laws and try to keep the country happy and from falling into a great depression.

​"What was going through your heads when you heard it was torched?"

​"We all lost hope for our country to rebound from this catastrophe."

The Sherman stops sharply jerking me forward when Addi hollers up at me the we've found then man who stared this hellish war. I heard a deep voiced man yell at us and then a pistol round bounce off the turret and I duck back into the turret.

"Hell ya on about Addi?"

"There's head honcho tiny mustache himself."

I look through the drivers port to see Adolf Hitler standing in front of us aiming at the turret. We can hear the Tigers 88 fire at something behind him at a fair distance and he dropped down on his knees covering his ears. I open the hatch and see a Churchill rolling up with a massive chunk off turret scratched and mangled I tell Will to take aim on the tanks tracks and fire. The crack of our 75 sends Mr. Hitler into hysterics he climbs on top of the tank and starts at me.

"Du Schuft was machst du in meinem großen Deutschland Brand bei meinen Panzer!?"

​A shell from the Churchill screams past him and he drops to the front of the turret and screams in terror I watch on as out tracer bounces off the road in front of the British made tank then out gun fires off again and lands right on target snapping the track off the sprocket and landing on the ground with a loud thud. Its box turret turns towards the Tiger sitting next to us and fires and the tracer makes an odd noise as it bounces off the tigers front the Tiger puts out return fire and hits her ammo rack blowing the turret off and destroying walls and windows around it. All of us including Hitler (whos still cowering on our tank) watch as her turret comes falling down about 10 feet in front of the flaming hull.

​"Fucking eh! that was awesome!"

​"Will we have a politician in our midst please watch your language."

"My bad Al..."

I climb out of the commanders hatch and pull the cowering man off my tank and throw him to the ground in front of me and raise my pistol to him but don't reveal that I don't have it loaded. Horror floods his face as he realizes I have a gun pointed at his head. Addi laughs at him as all colour drains from his face.

​"Bit scared aren't you Hitler?"

​Addi spits his name as if it were some poison and the wide hipped man looks at him when he hears his name. He can see Frantz over my shoulder.

"Helfen Sie mir und ich verspreche dir, ich werde Ihnen jedes Metall ich kann ich gebe dir, was du willst Geld Ruhm Vermögen nur mir helfen!"

​"Mein Führer, ich kann Ihnen helfen, was du tust ist falsch, wir gaben unsere Nazi-deutschen Titel und trat die Briten."

​"Coward! Verzicht auf Ihre Nation ist mit dem Tode bestraft! Sie werden für diese aufgehängt warden!"

​"I don't mind being hung for doing what's right you wrinkled old man! If it wasn't for the fact a lady was here I would put the bullet in your head myself!"

​I nod at Frantz and load a round into the chamber and take aim again.

​"Just give me the word and I'll put on in his head Fran."

​"Be my guest I wouldn't waist the 50 cents on him if my life depended on it."

​I squeeze the trigger the crack of the powder makes Addi jump a bit I lower the gun as I look on at his lifeless body with its beautiful bright blue eyes open and his blood spilled on the cobblestone street only leaving a tiny hole in his wide forehead.

​Addi and I turn and return to the tank climbing in and driving over to the wreck of the Churchill takes about 5 minuets to get to it. I hop off the deck of our M4 and check it out noticing that all the crew weren't dead from the ammo exploding but from bite wounds to the neck wrist and other spots  all of the crew were gowned in Waffen SS uniforms I make sure none of the men still in the hull survive and put a bullet in each of their heads I don't bother with the men in the turret who no longer resemble people but more skeletal.  

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