Dead War


14. The German Guns

​Addi and I go for a walk around this massive place while the others make sure that the new six of the group are ok for crewing the new iron giant we have along with our firefly and tiger. We stumble on a tank destroyer.

​"Hey Frantz!"


"Might want to come see this!"

​He comes walking over to where we are and I can see the joy in his eyes when seeing this tank.

"Sturer Emil!"

"Sturer Emil? the hell is that?"

​"This is the tank destroyer that had one other sibling who sadly past from our hand but if this one is working then we will be perfectly fine because that means there will be the arrival of five more people in a few hours or days."

​I roll my eyes and wave him off while I give it a walk around I notice on the barrel that it has about 30 lines painted on it and realize that those marks are for each tank they shot down with her monstrous gun. I place my hand on the barrel and feel the power of her when I see steel plates and a welder over to the side.

​"Addi, I have an idea."

​"What's that Al?"

​"We take those steel plates some hinges and latches make a top plate with doors on the top for the munitions to be placed in."

​"Jesus you mean armor it better?"


​I pull the welder over as Addi looks for hinges and door latches for me while I depress the gun fully so I know hot to fit it in. I place a large plate on the top aft cutting a groove for the breach and some space for the recoil.

"Al! I found hinges and a latch for the loaders hatch."

"Alright bring them here."

I cut a rectangular hole for the munitions with a little wiggle room for the shell to go in. The aft plate has the hinges and hatch loaded onto it the notch for the gun is now being covered with thick angled steel at the same degree as the breach I weld everything on prime the top and pain it. Just as I finish I hear a knocking at the main door Will walks over and flings it open to find my niece and nephews with a couple of friends.

​"Betty what in gods name are you doing here with your brothers and this boy?"

​"Same thing that's happening here is happening at home.."

​She walks close to me and hugs me.

​"Mom and Dad are dead Uncle Al.." She whispers it so Alex and Benjie wont here.

​"Hey I'm Jim."

​He extends his hand to me to shake it I grasp his hand and give him a hardy shake.

​"You the young man who helped her get here safe Jim?"

​"Yeah I did."

​Another young lad walks in and extends his hand to Frantz and the Germans shake hands then he moves over to me.

​"I'm Hunter sir happy to be here and to possibly help."

​"Nice to meet you Hunter when did you come in to get them here?"

"When they got to the dock sir."

​I look at this boy and wave the five of them over to the destroyer and let them see the marvel I've created.

​"I put more armor on it and more ammo cradles in her so she went from 14 rounds to around 60 or 70."

​"Holy cow I'm impressed by this sir."

​I look at Hunter with a puzzled face.

​"Hunter my names Albert but you can call me Al I hope you know that."

​He looks at me and smiles from ear to ear he rushes into the destroyer.

"Lets try her out!"

​Hunter starts the tank and tells the others to get in the two boys climb in then Betty followed by Jim. Betty takes the commander position Jim takes the loader Hunter as the driver Alex takes the trigger and Benjie the radio.

​"Hey I have an idea."

​"What's that Addi?"

​"We can have names for our tanks and have them painted on the side so when we radio each other for strategic movements we can say the tank name then what to do."

​"That's a pretty good idea."

​"Thank you Al."

​I bring it up to Frantz and the other six for the monster tank. They all agree and when Betty and her little misfit group comes in I run it by them and they don't mind. Betty's crew all agree the Emily was the perfect name for their unit. I take a saunter over to the crew of the Iron Giant to see what they wanted to name it.

"First off I need names of everyone in the group and who will be the commander."

"I'm Edgar this is Allen, Ellen, Bill, Francis and Jack. And we don't know who will take command."

​"Pick someone second off whats the name of your tank?"

"Iron Giant."

​"Alright thanks. Paint is over by the Emily team."

​I walk over to Frantz and his group to ask the name of their tank and I get Lizzy for the name of the tiger. I pull Addi, Will and Bria over for the conversation about the name of our tank.

​"How about Betty or Brittany?"

"I think Betty is pretty." Bria and Will say in cinque.

​"Aye Betty is a lovely name for her."

​I watch Addi sneak over and nick the paint from Frantz then sneak back to us so we can paint our name onto the turret like the others did. Now that everyone is together and eating a makeshift dinner I spring on them that we will have to leave the lovely facility.

​"Jesus Al they just got here they need to get to know their places in the tank before we leave." Addi says to me from the other side of the circle.

​"Yeah I know they can on the move hopefully."

​We all sit for a second before Betty speaks up for her group and the iron giant crew.

​"Give us tomorrow and we can work it out then we can head out."

​"Alright kiddo, tomorrow the two of you can train up and then we'll head out."

​Iron Giant group decides to head in to the tank for bed along with the rest of us. The next morning we all wake u to the sound of gun fire outside the garage meaning either more people or more dead men trying to take us out.

​"Alright boy's and girl's up and at'em we have possible hostiles start up your tanks and load your guns!"

Hunter jumps to attention and starts her engine causing the others to jump up and do what I said causing the gun fire outside to become heavier in our direction. Will gets out to open the door of the lab to let us out the I.G rolls out slowly but she does the rest of us flow out from behind the massive tank and realize what we were fighting now that we aren't inside. We see soviet tanks that range from T-34's to KV-2 tanks. I can hear the crack of the 88 next to me then the sound of it punching through the armour of a tank not knowing which one until I look for it seeing that it's a T-34-85 that has a hole through it burning with its munitions going off inside of it. I holler at Addi to take us to the right away from the German guns so we can take out one of the massive bunker busting tanks. As we turn to the right a massive thud hits us making us think they were dropping bombs on us, when betty radio's into us.

​"Hey uncle Al our gun has one hell of a gun doesn't it?"

"Yeah it does sweetheart though they were dropping bombs from the sky."

​We hear the thud again followed by a 75 shot, a few seconds later we hear a large burst of metal and ammunitions to the left where the German tanks where I radio into Frantz.

​"Hey Frantz I need you to follow me so we can flank their KV-2 group so we don't have to worry about artillery fire on us."

​"What about the other two? Onley one has a turret and it turns to slowly to protect the Emil."

​"They'll be fine Betty can take charge over Edgar and them."

​Frantz follows me while the other two pump out the shells.

​"Betty you have control over both you and Edger ok?"

​"Yes sir."

​I speed up so I can see the 6 tanks lined up not firing their guns yet. I take a pot shot at one and the shell hits and bounces off the turret but then it turns its ugly head towards me and fires at us luckily landing behind us about 20 yards back and nearly knocking itself over in the process. After it fired I could hear the 88 go off and slam into the powder rack causing it to catch fire and explode bursting the back of the turret of and flames to come out the barrel of the gun. Addi takes us around the back of the second tank and Will puts a shell into the engine bay causing the tank to catch fire and burst at the back from the diesel going off disabling the tank not killing it. I make sure we keep moving so they cant hit us Frantz places a shell right in the side of its short hull hitting the H.E shells making the hull blow open and the turret fall off to the left side.

"Hey Al it's Hunter we might need to find white pant or some sort of paint."

"Can't exactly talk to much but explain."

"Every tank destroyed we place a ring on the barrel of our gun as a tally to show how many we've taken out."

"We will have to see if we can grab some from the lab after now shut up and fight."

I tap will on the shoulder and point to the H.E shells and he gets the hint he picks one up and rams it into the breach of our 17 pounder and takes aim on the third tank when he pulls the trigger the shell hits dead center on the massive red star causing the turret to come a foot off the hull and land back down on it at an odd angle making it fall over with its ring up to the sky. We hear the thud from one of the monstrous guns it has a bright red tail as it flies through the air and goes straight through the end artillery and into the ground causing gas and powder bags along with shells to fall out the hole torn into the belly of the tank will see's this as a chance to take it out.

​"Al the end KV has all its ammo and petrol spilling out of it I'm going to take it out."

​"Go for it kid."

​I watch the breach slide back after the crack of our gun rings out the explosion causes it to flip onto its side and kill anything inside of it Will cranks the turret over to aim at the fourth KV but Edgar slams a shell into it causing it to explode and throw steel plating up into the air. The last KV artillery gets a 76mm shell into her ass from our 17 pounder gun making it 3 tanks for us.

"We have three tanks here what about the rest of you?"

"3 here to Al." Frantz mutters.

"5 for the Giant." Edgar says in a cocky tone.

"11 over here uncle Al." Betty sounds proud of herself for it.

"Alright lets go back and paint on our tally for the tanks."

We head back to pick up the paint cans for the tallies we want to place on our barrels.   

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