Dead War


12. The British Channel

​Dawn breaks and we notice we aren't far from the coast of Britain because if the birds flying about singing. Jim is asleep at the wheel when I get on deck before he knew what happened I kicked the chair out from under him leaving him on his ass.

"Thanks for coming to bed like I thought you would."

"I'm sorry I didn't want to wake you."

"Jim its 6 a.m. I have to wake the boys start your chores while I wake them and cook."

"Betty I really am sorry."

"Jim I wanted to cuddle you last night but you stayed out her in the cold to make sure we didn't drift it doesn't matter."

When I get down to the kitchen the boys are already up and dressed with breakfast made. I smile at them as I give them a great big hug and laugh. They smile while Jim walks down the stairs with the biggest smile in the world on his face.

"We have all the chores done and breakfast ready for you so you didn't have to work."

​"Thank you."

"It's no problem honey."

​We sit down to eat but as I finish Benjie takes my plate and Alex starts the dishes. Jim goes into  the draw and pulls out some playing cards he smiles at me.

​"Hey Ben, Alex you want to play some cards with us?"

"Heck yeah we do!"

​They quickly finish the dishes and join us at the table. Jim starts to shuffle the cards and passes them out to all of us.

​"Alright we will play go fish if that's ok with everyone."

"Duh Benjie and I don't care."

"I don't mind."

​We must have played that game for hours laughing and singing some Christmas songs. When I remember I forgot to open my gifts. I look at my dads watch and realize I forgot to wind it up so its a little loose I wind it then see that its nearly noon. I look at Jim with a faint worry in my eyes.

​"It's nearly noon Jim you should go up and make sure we aren't off course. And as for you munchkins want to help me with lunch?"

​"You're darn tooting we do!"

​I smile and laugh with my brothers while Jim fumbles up the stairs to the deck. We start to make sandwiches for us to eat out on deck like a picnic. Benjie and Alex race up the steps with everything for lunch in their arms to set it up while I clean up a little bit when I get out on deck the sun is shining and the birds singing I can see the cliff side of Ireland in the distance beautiful and green. I look back at Jim and smile as he holds the wheel of the boat.

"We aren't far now Jim maybe go through the English Channel and we will make it."

"Alright Betty but isn't he in the army?"

"Yeah our uncle is in the army."

​"Wouldn't he be in liberated France or Germany?"

​"We aren't taking the boys there."

​He turns us towards the right of the island to take the channel but when we see one of the town's on the coast its blazing bright reds and oranges as the black smoke burst forth into the sky.

"Maybe we will go to German waters..."

"Yeah I think its a good idea.."

​Jim makes the turn back towards the north before we could realize what we were seeing. Benjie was to busy trying to get Jim and I to eat and Alex was laying down complaining that he was hungry and wanted to start lunch. After turning back towards the north Jim came over to us and sat down next to Alex.

​"Alright mister if you're so hungry why didn't you eat without me?"

​"Because Jim we need the whole family before eating."

"So I'm apart of the family now?"

​"You wouldn't smile like an idiot when looking at my sister if you weren't."

"Yeah guess I am then now come on boys lets eat."

​I look over at Jim because his cheeks are pure red. He catches me looking at him but I don't look away from his face. I take in everything about him. His blue-gray eyes his pure black hair of to the one side I take in every detail of him before eating how his freckles cross the bridge of his nose and stay in that single spot. For a guy he's insanely beautiful in a manly kind of way. but he nods me back to the world when he glances over to my brothers who are looking at me as if I have another head.

​"Betty stop...." Benjie stops but Alex picks up.

​"Looking at your boyfriend and eat the darn lunch!"

"Okay I'm sorry I cant help it."

​Benjie shakes his head at me after we finish lunch while he plops himself on his back so he can look at the clouds with his brother. Jim goes and lays right next to them and points out clouds that look like animals and other assorted objects. I cant believe I got lucky enough to have him in my life he's good with kids, he's handsome and he knows how to treat a lady this past week has been pure hell. I go over and lay with them but before I had the chance to lay down my brothers jump on me and snuggle into us Jim has his arm around me and my Brothers are laying on top of us and it reminds me of a happy family I wouldn't have this any other way.

"What do you three say to a nap?"

​"Heck yeah!" Both my brothers holler.

​"Yeah why not Betty I could use a good nap with the family."

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