Dead War


17. Road To Hell pt.2

​Last night we stopped at an old farm house to rest for the night and to eat what ever we could hunt that night from the forest. We bagged some rabbits and a dear while we were cleaning out the dear the girls were out back with the twins getting some veg from the garden out back. After we ate and finished the dishes whatever we used we went to bed a tank crew to a room. When we woke up this morning nothing was different than yesterday before the battle or before that little girl was killed by those monsters.

​"Alright guys time to pack up and continue on our way."

​Betty and her brothers start packing up the provisions for the 4 tanks with the help of Edgar and his crew. He sets up a ladder he found in the shed so they can get up onto the deck of the tank and after everyone's up he ties the ladder to the side of the tank so they can bring it with them. Upon us hitting the road for the day we stumbled on a massive structure. It wasn't a wall nor was it something we knew. It was a massive tank it had three tracks each side and a massive ship turret on top of the deck with smaller ones scattered all over the deck.

​"You see that?!"

​"Hell yeah we do."

​"We should go check it out Al might hold some treasures."

​"I don't know what if its full of those dead things. But we might as well I mean we do need more rifles and munitions for them."

​We see a hatch open on the aft end it reminds me of landing craft hatches. I wave the small group of tanks into the cavern in the tank so we don't have to leave them out in the open for anything or anyone to try and take them. As soon as we get into the thing I make sure to close the door before continuing on into the decks of the land ship. Once we climb out of our tanks and into the large space of where the vehicle bay was we realize the true size of what this thing is. We have the turrets turned towards the hatch so if need be we can fire on the chains holding it shut. I take the lead of the group making sure everyone has their guns encase we meet up with those bastards somewhere in here. When stepping through the door I meet a stairway and the engine room that's massive in size holding two battle cruiser engines from a ship. The roar of them is enormous and deafening I have to yell over it to be able to talk to everyone else.

​"11 of you explore the lower decks and the other 10 explore the upper decks with me!"

​They all nod and split into the necessary groups to explore for supplies. I take my group up the stairs into the upper area for the search. As soon as we get past the deck its practically silent  with the small murmur of the engines roaring underneath us. Where I stand is a small stair well with a door leading out into a hall. Before we get far I can hear yelling from down the hall from the others thinking somethings going on I take the group and hall ass down the hall to another stair well into what seems to be a cargo bay.

"Look what we found."

​They all sit purched on cases of rifles and munitions with the wooden boxes for them to be stored in. I give Edgar a hand to carry some of the cases to the tanks so we can have a rifle for each person besides with Alex and Benjie. I wont let them have a gun for as long as I live. We finish packing them in and I think we should put the giant down before it can be used against us.

​"I'll leave her a little gift before we leave get the hatch open and everyone but the Sherman get to around 50 yards away."


​"I'm blowing the engines."

​Without saying more they all go besides Addi he stays and waits for me. Making sure it will quiet her permanently I round up all the grenades we had in the Sherman which is around 9 or 10 of them I tie them together and then pull the ring on one and toss it into the engine bay closing the door. When I climb onto the turret Addi floors it and takes off to where the others are. With in the next minute we can hear them go off then the engines go off with the petrol causing the door to fly off and the deck to cave in taking the few turrets with it. The mushroom cloud that burst upward from where the deck was is beautiful in a way. I can hear the thud of a 15cm gun going off in the distance then the round landed in between the M4 and the Emil causing a large burst of earth that's when we saw them 4 Type 2605 Japanese heavy tanks rolling towards us with their guns aimed. As if one unit they all raise their guns in a slow wave motion then fire I can see the slow flying shells sail through the air and land short of us creating a wall of earth hiding them from view.

​"Hold down and load AP rounds guys we have one hell of a fight ahead of us!"

Before I could say another word they where inside and taking it full speed towards the massive tanks. I follow their lead and hunker down then tell Addi to keep up with them and to hide behind Edgar for protection so they cant one shot the tank. I can hear Edgar and Betty fire and the shells scream through the air then slam into the hull but do nothing. The hollow thud sound echoes through the air and into our ears.

"They have a drivers hatch aim for those!"

Addi takes off from behind Edgar's tank and around in a flanking motion to the rear of the massive tanks. As soon as we get to the aft side of the first one Will slams a shell into the hatch on the back of the turret causing it to go up in flames and explode through the barrel of the gun. the second one stops starting to turn towards us while the turret is turning but once their gun was aimed on us I can hear the crack of Betty's gun then the turret pop off. seeing it might land on us I holler down to Addi to hall ass. As we get away past the first one the turret of the second lands on the ground with such a thud it shakes me to the core from in the Sherman. The two remaining tanks start to retreat but before the third could get away Will places an HE shell onto the track making it snap like a twig  and causing it to grind to a halt.

​"Edgar the gun mantle shoot there the rivets will pop leaving the gun disabled."

​I watch as his shell hits and passes through the thin slit for the machine gun and destroys the inside of the turret leaving a hole where the gun would have been. He then fires his 75 into the drivers hatch causing a small explosion inside to erupt from the hatches. The last tank bursts into a cloud of fire and smoke before anyone could take it down.

​"Must have been that honor before defeat thing they do."

"Yeah must have."

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