Dead War


16. Road To Hell pt.1

It's been a few hours since we left the lab in flames and we haven't had any other problem other the 34/85's bugging us on our way out. It's oddly quiet besides the sound of our groups engines roaring at full power. I don't like how quiet it is, it's spooky on how it sounds the birds are singing and the cicadas humming and the summer breeze getting warmer. The fields are calm and without the sounds of battle its peaceful in a way.

​"Hey don't you guys think that maybe its warm enough to open our top hatches and let the warm air in?"

"Already on it kid."

​I pop open the commanders hatch and watch as every one else open theirs letting the warm air crash onto their faces and go thorough their hair. Its warmer than usual this time of year but its just as beautiful the flowers and the trees all blooming and producing fruits. I see something moving in the distance wondering what it could be. I pull out my binoculars and take a look at it then I realize what it is.

​"Panzer 2 in the distance! About 200 years!"

​"If there's a Panzer 2 that means there's other tanks around!"

​"Close up and get ready for battle!"

​I watch Betty close up then Edgar and Frantz I close up after they all do when I do I tap on Will's shoulder.

​"Load AP shells only got it?"

"Yeah I do sir."

​After telling Will to load up the gun I press the mic button.

​"Everyone I need you to load AP shells only in case the tanks are heavily armored."

​"Yes sir."

​We watch the Panzer 2 speed off behind a hill then come flying back before being nailed by one of our shells and bursting mid air in a small explosion.

​"Got another one Al."

​"Good job now load the gun again."

​I keep an eye on the hill when around 8 or 9 King Tigers crest the hill with those dead bastards hanging out the cupola with an all black uniform I can only assume that they are from the Waffen SS.

"Waffen SS King Tigers."

"This isn't good for us Al those tanks are tougher than you think."

"Edgar, Betty take aim and fire on those tanks."

​Betty and Edgar take aim and the crack of their guns make even the dead flinch before two of the tanks burst open at every hatch burning everyone and everything inside to ash. Frantz and I take aim on the next two before I could tell Will to pull the trigger Frantz takes the shot on the rounded turret cheek punching through and igniting the ammo and blowing the turret off. Will takes aim and fires at the now exposed cupola hatch with the SS commander in it and fires an HE shell into the hatch "killing" the man and blowing a gapping hole in the side of the tank and causing the road wheels to fly off and track the tank next to it.

"4 tanks down 4 to go boys and girls."

​The next tank that has a busted track is hit with the slow flying shell from Edgar but it isn't an AP shell I can tell how the tank blows open and flips the commander is scrambling to take off away from battle until Bria pumps him full of lead causing him to drop and flail around until his head bursts. Betty turns the gun to take out the next tank before having an 88 shell bounce off her frontal armor causing her to hesitate on firing before the Tiger can reload she takes the shot completely blowing the tank out of existence.

​"6 down 2 to go."

​Frantz lights up the 7th tank with machine gun fire before putting a shot in the engine bay with is 88 causing the ass end of the tank to blow apart and kill everything inside.

​"Alright Will I'm leaving this one to you. Addi listen to Will on this one."

​"Aye, aye captain."

​I nod to Will to give him command for this one tank so he can have a feel for commanding a tank.

​"Addi take us around the back side of the Tiger."

​"On it Will."

​Addi hits the gas and has us go flying up towards it making them have to crank the turret as quick as they can around towards us and they weren't quick enough to do such.

​"Al load a HE round and get ready to fire into the loaders hatch."

​"Aye, aye sir."

​I pop out the AP round and ram an HE shell into the breach and taking aim at the loaders hatch on the rear of the turret.


​"On the way!"

​I pull the trigger and watch the shell punch through the thin hatch and explode on the inside of the turret causing it to throw the commander out and into the air whilst burning. When he hits the ground the thud was hollow and painful.

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