Dead War


18. Outskirts of The Great Soviet City

​We drive past a sign that's in Russian meaning were close it reads 'Москва 10 километров'. I can see Will looking up at me from his seat so I smile at him.

​"You think we're close?"

​"Yeah I do Al."

I smile at him before popping open the hatch to catch some air like the others were. That's when I notice a massive crater its like someone dropped a t34/85 made out of TNT onto the earth.

"The hell made that Al?"

"Only god knows Edgar, only god know."

​We continue on like we have since having the Emil with us. The Emil in the center and the others around it. Except for the front of her so that she can have some attack for whoever is unlucky enough to drive in front of that mighty gun of theirs.

​"Hope we don't run into whatever made that hole."

​I look forward and see a small 'Flock' of Panzer 2G tanks ridding towards us in a grouping like a clump. We couldn't keep them on target because of how fast they were moving but before everyone could hunker down the loudest thud we have ever heard rings off and we can see a large silhouette flying through the air and start to fall right about where the Panzer clump was going to be. Sure enough the thing lands dead center of the clump obliterating those it landed on and throwing those near the blast as if they were tin toys. The poor tanks went up and over in a shallow arch and they land at all cockeyed angels digging up the dirt and nearly flattening some of them. Whatever crew they had wouldn't be alive in anyway wither those dead bastards or living assholes. I soon realize its the same size of crater as we saw before.

​"Oi its the same size as the other one!"

​"Aye lets find the damn gun and put it down."

​I let Addi know to place her into the fastest gear we have while the others do the same. Now its a race to see who can get to the gun and destroy it first. To see who can get the biggest prize of them all. Before we know it we're at a small square and we see the side of a massive gun and its self propelled chassis that holds it. We notice the two small munition carriers next to it. I use the binoculars hanging off of me and see that those who are manning it aren't dead but alive and they aren't aiming at us.

​"Bria radio that self propelled mortar up there and tell them we're friendly and quick."

"Yes sir."

​We wait for them to radio back and as we wait we sit still and keep our guns trained on them. The 10 minuets we waited felt like 10,000 years and when they did radio back they weren't to happy about finding out there were others trying to come to the Russian state.

​"Why are you here?"

​I push down on the throat mic and speak slowly so its a clear to them.

​"We can here to see if anyone else was alive and if they could help us to survive and maybe fortify a part of this town or some other town. We've traveled from France and Germany to here for a shelter and for help."

​"Why would you want help from Russians you stupid Englishman?"

​"I'm not English I'm Irish and we need your help so we don't die. It's just that simple."

​I can see a man holding a telephone on the deck of the mortar and I can hear a scoff in my ear before he places the phone back down onto the base. The man next to him starts to talk to him and I can se him lean over and whisper something and the man nods. The side of the breach in white says 'Loki' it fades out as the massive machine turns to face us and slowly grinds its way towards us with the two munitions carriers following. When we meet half way I pop out of the turret and stand on it and look this man in the face he's young but wrinkled and his hair is going gray at the sides in a strip kind of way and his crew of men are all in soviet uniform and he seems to be an officer I reach out to shake his hand but he doesn't budge to shake it.

​"How did you manage to take a German super heavy mortar such as this?"

"Wasn't hard really."

His accent is thick like molasses but not as sweet its cores and rough as if he gargled rocks for fun. In a way he might be seen as attractive to woman his hair is mostly black and his uniform crisp and clean its admirable in a way.

​"Would you like to introduce yourself? I'm Al."

​"I'm Officer Romanov and my crew is too expansive to name them all."

​"Nice to meet you Officer Romanov."

​"The same can't be said for you."

​He seems snide and rude about the whole helping others instead of the Soviet Union he fights for. He's about 6'4" and skinny. The Olive green perfectly complements his emerald eyes I can tell he's studying me like I am him. I notice behind him a man looks at me and his eyes are pleading for me to stop staring at him for the fear of something happening to me.

"Any way Officer Romanov would you like to help us find a place to stay for the next two nights?"

​"There's a fortress farther north from here it has high walls and many rooms for everyone."

Before I could respond he was turning his Mortar to the direction and slowly trudging along to it with the others following him as if they trust him. Addi knows to follow without my direction.

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