Dead War


11. On our way to Britian

We reach the Saint Laurence River at around 6 in the morning. Alex and Benjie wake up and realize its morning then holler that its Christmas waking Jim up because of the noise. I jump and realize they will end up wanting their gifts soon so I'll have to find some place to stop and give them their gifts. We end up at the docks I pull over to the side of the road and hand them their gifts smiling as they tear open the wrapping paper. Benjie smiling ear to ear when he see's colouring books and crayons. Alex gleams as he see's he got a drawing kit like mine. I turn to Jim and smile as I hand him a gift.

​"What's this?"

"The gift I got you a while ago."

"Why would you get me something?"

"Because I felt the need."

​He smiles and gingerly opens it looking up ever so often. His face lights up with the shine of a new piece of hardware from the first world war. He looks up at me and hugs me tightly pulling the bayonet from the small box and gives it  once over. He rolls up his pant leg and drags it along his skin shaving off the hair.

​"Made sure it was sharp before hand."

​"Wow never knew a knife could be so sharp."

I plant a kiss on his cheek when I see a fair sized yacht next to the dock the deck covered in food crates. I perk up and step past Jim a little bit.

​"We can take that to Europe and meet up with our uncle!"

"Are you mental?"

​"No I'm not mental but I think it will be safe over there."

I turn towards the boys and nod they pick everything up and start packing it onto the yacht to get ready I look at Jim wink when I walk towards it and hop on. He of course isn't far behind me untying us from the dock and helping me get us going the way we need to go. I ask for help putting the food away. The boys and Jim help me put the food away and tell me what they might want for breakfast as Jim starts the ship and sets us on course for Europe. We pick our rooms while I cook breakfast Benjie and Alex of course pick the only room with bunk beads and Jim picked the room with the biggest bed for him and I. They all sit down at the table to eat as I place down their plates.

​"Looks good Betty cant wait to eat."

"Thanks Betty!"

"Yeah thanks Betty!"

"No problem kiddo's and no problem Jim."

I smile at them and sit down before they can start to eat.

​"Alright go ahead and eat. After this we need to talk about chores alright boys?"

​At the same time they nod and dig into their breakfast. When they finish I take the plates and wash the dishes.

"Now Jim what do you feel like doing for chores?"

​"I could do the sailing and some cooking."

​"Good to know how about you boys?"

​"Everything he doesn't want to do." Benjie brightens up.

​"There are two of them they would work quicker."

"Leaves me with wash dishes and most of the cookin."

​We split to start the chores, by around lunch we finish and are all starving so I cook up something small for the four of us even though we have enough for a full crew of people. We sit and eat the sandwiches we have and sit to relax a little bit before we have to go about again cleaning and such.

"God its beautiful out here at sea."

​"Yeah it is my granddad told me stories of his travels as part of the royal navy. All the battles and such but the main part was how much he missed my gran and all my aunts and uncles back in America. He would always point to the group of sparrows on his arm with all the names under them of my aunts uncles and my gran. 10 total of sparrows on his arm, I ask him the one day before he passed what they meant and he told me that it was so he could take his home with him everywhere he went so he wouldn't be homesick."

​"Jim can I ask you something?"

​"Yeah sure Betty. What is it?"

"Would you ever get a sparrow for me?"

"Without a second thought I would."

​I lean in and kiss him when we come across a British warship. She's limping along and leaning off to the right side the men aboard offer to pass off some fuel and food because they knew she didn't have long until it headed for the bottom and there weren't many men on her the captain stood along the side as they pumped us full of the oil needed to make it to Britain along with extra they used the crane to place the food and extra petrol onto our deck before the captain told the men it was every man for himself. They refused to leave the ship and they told him to join us he wouldn't leave it either. The ship stands dead in the water before leaning farther to the right and slipping beneath the waves from the back end. We keep sailing straight on without stopping for the next six hours until I have to cook dinner for the four of us. We have stake, potatoes, beans and gravy we relaxed on the deck before retiring the boys for the night. After about an hour I put the boys to bed then make Jim and I some coffee to keep us awake long enough to talk and look at the stars. He lay next to me on the deck while we look up at the beautifully clear sky with the bright blazing moon and the trillions of stars. I snuggle in closer to him so that we can stay warm. He leans in close and kisses my neck as he lowly chuckles.

​"Hey what's that for?"

"Just thought your beautiful face could use some more beauty."

​At that I blush harshly and kiss him. without hesitation I place one on his neck and get up.

​"I'm off to bed Jim I'll see you tomorrow. Or whenever its my turn to keep us on course."

​"Awe but why are you like this?"

"Night Jimmy I love you."

​"I love you too honey."

​I kiss him once more before going to bed.

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