Dead War


15. Heading East To Moscow

​After finishing up with the white rings and grabbing paint and brushes for the later trip. As I'm looking to see if there were any more brushes I started to think about Hunter and how his voice isn't deep like Jim's its more girly than it should be for his age. I mean he is around 15 or 16 after all why is his voice so high? I shake the thought from my head as I find 2 brushes for the travel to Moscow but I cant shake the feeling something isn't right about Hunter. ​Why in the Christ is his voice so high? Oh hell there he is maybe I should ask him about it.

​"Oi Hunter!"

"Ja? what do you need help with Al?"

​"I have a question."

"Shoot." he looks back at the Emily to make sure its alright after battle.

​"Why would you voice be so high for being how old?"

​"I'm 16 and its because I'm a girl but I don't feel comfortable as a girl I feel more comfortable as a guy Betty, Jim and the twins knows this."

​"I'm sorry for bringing it up."

​"No its fine I don't mind a bit Al."

​That wasn't weird of you at all Al! Why the hell are you like this? ​I think to myself as I walk back to I.G and Lizzy and their crew with a paint brush and a bucket of paint to make sure every tank has one of each. I look around and notice that everyone is smiling and laugh with one another until I whistle to get their attention while I climb onto Betty our tank clap my hands together.

​"Alright guys now that we are prepped with munitions and paint we can head out to Moscow to see if there are any survivors there and if they have or need a tank to fight with us! We will have them Fight along side us and we will have to make sure they don't try to screw us over or anything of the sort! any questions?"

​everyone shakes their head after looking around at each other.

​"Then man your tanks and lets get this trip started!"

​I realize we are a few day trip from Moscow Russia but I don't thing anyone minds. Before climbing into the M4 I watch how Benjie and Alex practically jump into the Emily. Edgar sets up the ladder for the I.G so everyone can climb in. Watching everyone shows me that they aren't just doing it for themselves but for everyone and it makes me realize that the men I was told to kill were just men serving their country at the thought of it sends a shiver u my spine making me shake a little.

​"Alright Addi I'm hopping in."

​Addi, Will and Bria all wait for me to get my head set on before starting up the tank. The roar of the engine calms me down just enough to radio the other tanks in our platoon.

​"Lets try some German here guys."

"Alright Al."

​"Panzer vor!"

​Instead of opening the door of the lab we smash through while staying together.

​"Will rotate turret to lab and fire a HE shell. Frantz and Edgar rotate your turrets and fire HE shells into the lab before we leave make sure these dead asshats cant use anything inside."


"À ce sujet."

​"Edgar i didn't know you were French."

​Before he could answer the crack of our for guns go off and the lab lights up like a firework. We halt to wait to hear all the 20-50mm shells going off sending fire through the lab burning everything inside making sure nothing stays but the outside.

"Alright lets get going to Moscow guys."

​We start moving again and when out turrets turn back forward there's 6 or 7 T-34-85 tanks aiming at us. The thud of their guns go off but the shells fall short Edgar and Betty take aim and fire taking out two of them.

​"One for me uncle Al."

"And one more for me Al."

​I tap Will on the shoulder to take aim and fire on the end one once the gun is trained on the tank he loads an AP shell and lobs it at him causing the turret to pop off like a cork from a champagne bottle.

"Ha ha one more for us too!"

​Frantz trains his gun one the one next to ours and fires an AP tracer I watch it punch through and pass out the ass end of the tank lodging itself into a tree behind it. I notice that one was trying to get away. just at the one Frantz shot burst into flams and explode at the sides tracking the other one.

​"Take the shot Betty!"

​She takes aim at the tank.

"Jim load HE."

"Betty that wont do shit."

"Just do it."

​He loads it and she fires on the T-34-85 we all open the hatch and pop our heads out to watch. We watch it land under the front of it under the front half of the tank when the shell bursts it causes it to pop up off the ground and snap in half like a twig and catching fire.

​"Two for Betty, One for Edgar, One for Frantz and One for us."

​"You writing it down uncle Al?"

"Yes darlin' I am."

​We keep heading east for a few more hours before we stop to paint on our rings letting the barrels cool first.

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