Dead War


6. East-ward bound

​We start towards the East as Frantz had told us there was a research station that had a massive tank that would have won them the war. He talks of her massive tracks her thick armor and the gun big enough to take out a house with one round. He's so enthused about the idea of this massive monster of a tank.

​"Her armor is as tick as an encyclopedia and her gun 5 inches across."

​"Sounds massive Fratz. How the hell did shit stain back there think it up?"

​"Wasn't him it was a man by Ferdinand Porches."

​"What a girly last name for a man."

​"Yet he made the largest tank known to man that with one shot could tear your tiny Sherman to shreds."

"Ladies lets not fight over this yes we are small yes its massive but it wouldn't be to hard to capture would it?"

I might have said something stupid in that last question because Frantz looked at me like I was dropped as a baby... Sad thing is I was my dad had what you call butter fingers and dropped me from our arm chair and on my head while listening to the radio.

"Wait Al you hear that?"

"Hear what?"

​"Stop shut off the tanks."

​We both stop and the roar of the tanks stop and its faint but we can hear fifes and drums playing one of the old marching songs from when my granddad was young. Sounded like a Yankee tune.

"When Jonny comes marching home again..."

​I quietly sing parts of it and it matches. I brighten up and everyone sees how lively my eyes are when I hear it.

​"In 1861 that's when the war begun! Its the Yankee's!"

​"What? How do you know that song?"

​"My granddad was a Yankee and was about 10 when the Civil War there was going on. He used to sing it to me when I was just a boy."

"Thank Christ the Yanks are here to help."

"Pass me the binoculars I need to see if it is them."

I look ahead of us and see a group of Yankee solders dress in their uniform playing the fifes and drums. Ecstatic I told us to move forward while I kept an eye on them but the closer we got the more I could see and they weren't what I was hoping to see they were like every other person our group has seen so far dead and rotting marching like my granddad had showed me holding the rifles the same way he did when marching.

"Load the guns... and open fire..."

​"What's wrong Al?"

​"Their dead..."

​I hear the gun load and I give the order to fire on the platoon of men as our shell hits the ground I can see men fly into the air.

"Frantz fire into them with H.E rounds and take them out."

​"Ja Sir."

​His gun fires and takes out a large group of them while the machine guns spray into the crowed and take them out one by one until their all falling and laying on the ground. We roll past and over top of them continuing on our way to the research station.

​"Al are you ok? You're starting to tear up."

"No I'm not I wanted out of this hell."

I start to slide back down into my seat and just sit there I didn't say a word or move for about an hour or more. That's when Frantz radio's in and tells us we're close I pop out if the hatch and see wrecked Russian tanks everywhere I look. KV-1's and 2's T-34/85's hell there was a T-28 Russian land battleship laying there burning. The tank was beautiful and how the flames danced on her charred and burning hull was beautiful it reminded of Elizabeth when she danced. God how I missed my beautiful wife. I call over to the Tiger and tell them that I need to talk to Beth when we get to the Research Center.

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