Dead War


7. Eastern Front

Frantz shutters when he sees a KV-2 looming over the hill as we climb it but as we crest the hill we realize its only a wreck.

"Danke Gote."


"Thought we might have to fight a Russian tank."

I laughed at him a little and continue over the hill when i see a building in the distance with lights on. We head towards it and pull into in the research lab and see no one around but the lights and large guns all around us. Addie and I pull out our 75 and replace it for a 17 pounder making us have a more powerful punch. we smile as to what we have done and look at the rest of the room to see many tank hulls with tracks wheels and all the other woorks of it in it.

"What if we weld a couple tank hulls together and change the tracks and such? Make a super tank."

"Nicht wont work. Germans have tried it before."


We take a walk through after closing the doors behind us but we cant find anything the resembles a massive monster tank like they said where here. I send Addie and Will to go look around in here while i take Will's girl out with me to patrol the land near the lab to search for the tank. She hollers down at me that she see's something about 100 yards out. I turn the tank and gun it pushing our small engine to the edge of bursting when we get there we realize the hull is burst on the right side and the turret lay cheeks down with the gun raised.

"Guys I found one of two tanks and the hulls burst like a bubble."

"What about the second?"

"Haven't seen it yet."

The guys travel from the building and to our location with a tracked vehicle and a trailer to put it on so they could bring it back to the lab and place it on the hull when we find it. Will's girl looks determined to find that hull and get that tank built.

"Have I asked your name yet dear?"

"Non you haven't."

"What would it be then?"

"Bria. My name's Bria."

"Beautiful name. Find the hull yet?"

"Oui 400 yard to the left 40 degrees."

I nod to her and push on in that direction until we found the hull with the dummy turret and radio it in. Frantz rides a bicycle out and drives it back into the lab with us not far behind him. When we pull into the lab the turret is hanging from the ceiling ready to be placed onto the hull we marvel at the massive size of it all even before the turret is fully placed onto the hull,the gun is massive and the machine gun is bigger than normal it has a 20 engraved into its steel round box her 75 is a pak. 40 without the mussel break. Frantz, Adolf and Ferdinand get the turret fitted to the hull and all of the insides tuned up as they were cleaning up and getting ready to test it on a old abandoned Russian tank out in the field and a French AMX 40 when we hear a knock on the massive doors Will uses the crane to get up to the observation floor and look out the window and sees around six men and women standing at the doors earing arms huffing and puffing as they wait for the door to open he nods down at us to open the doors and let them in.

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